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Carpet Cleaning NYC - We'll Make Your Carpet New Again


Emergency restoration and NYC carpet cleaning services are available 24/7, call us NOW! If you have ever experienced damage to your home or business from fire, smoke, wind, water, or mold, you know how overwhelming the clean-up process can be. We have extensive experience in disaster cleanup after emergencies caused by broken pipes, overflowing toilets, and a host of other unforeseen mishaps. Our experience working with insurance companies will help guide you through the claims process, while our accomplished technicians and craftspeople will approach the carpet cleaning and restoration process with the utmost care.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, NYC Steam cleaning is offering 24/7 emergency Disinfection Services for both commercial and residential customers. We use the state of the art Electrostatic Sprayer equipment and effective disinfectant cleaner that are effective against Corinavirus and most other viruses and bacteria.


NYC Steam Cleaning was launched with one goal in mind: to offer quality professional carpet cleaning services in the TriState Area. Our team can perform a wide range of carpet cleaning services both for residences and businesses including steaming, upholstered furniture cleaning carpet, and rug cleaning, wood floor furnishing, and water damage repair. If you are not thrilled with the service experience you receive from us, we will return at no charge and no obligation and to take care of any area you feel needs additional attention. It's our 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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NYC Steam Cleaning offers state-of-the-art commercial and residential carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services in New York are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and affordable. Our services are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) approved!

Floor Cleaning Solutions

Have soiled and discolored carpets or rugs at home that your vacuum can no longer clean? We offer excellent cleaning solutions for all kinds of flooring in NYC homes. We use the latest equipment to clean your flooring and avoid machine-related damage. Our home services are designed to be completely hassle-free. You can benefit from a free written quote when you book with us. So you will not be caught off guard by unreasonable charges when you order residential floor cleaning. Our staff will arrive on time and deliver according to your expectations. We guarantee top-notch services that will make your carpets look and feel as good as new!

Water Damage Restoration Services

In addition to floor cleaning services in Brooklyn NY, among other boroughs, we also offer water damage restoration services for home and offices. Our cleaning technicians specialize in restoring surfaces damaged by water, steam, smoke, or fire. We can mitigate serious damage and restore surfaces to their original condition. We can immediately restore water damage within 24 hours of notice.

Environmentally Friendly

Conventional cleaning service providers use products containing harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the environment as well as people if exposure is prolonged. At NYC Steam Cleaning, we only use eco-friendly organic cleaners. The cleaning solutions we use do not give off toxic fumes that are bad for both your home or office and your body. You can be assured of green services when you work with us.

Asthma and Allergy Friendly

We only use cleaning products certified as safe by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. If you have allergy-prone employees or family members, our services will not exacerbate their conditions.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Business

At NYC Steam Cleaning, we understand that you need more than carpet cleaning. You also need to protect your investment by prolonging the life of your carpet and upholstery. Our long-term carpet protection strategy helps, including the following options designed to benefit your business.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

Every workplace has high-traffic areas that take on the brunt of the dirt. That’s why we offer an interim carpet cleaning service. By addressing these areas, we can provide better carpet protection, extend the life of your carpet, and make regular cleaning faster and easier. Our NYC commercial carpet cleaning service is less hassle than a total cleaning, which is another great reason to give it a try.

Carpet Deodorizer

If you are looking for a highly professional commercial carpet cleaning in NYC, you are in the right place. Our professional-strength carpet cleaning deodorizers neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source. Powerful encapsulating agents work hard to provide instant relief from odor. You get a fresh, clean scent you can trust.

Carpet Protection

After the carpet cleaning is done, we can apply a professional-strength carpet protector that helps your carpet, furniture, and partitions resist dirt, spills, and daily wear and tear. Safe for people, pets, and the environment, our carpet protection acts as a shield around the carpet fibers, making it difficult for dirt to infiltrate. The protector extends the life of your carpet; there is no unpleasant odor, and your carpet stays cleaner—longer. Best of all, the added carpet protection provides extra time to clean up any unexpected spills. And, it eliminates pesky static build-up.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

When unwanted spots appear, they demand a little extra attention. Our mild but effective spot carpet cleaning works great on most carpet and upholstery—without breaking down the carpet protection. The solution uses no optical brighteners and is safe for pets, but effectively prevents any spots from turning into full-blown stains.

Wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs. Jobs that are big, and jobs that are small. We want to be your partner in clean, regardless of size or situation. Count on the undisputed leader in commercial carpet cleaning. Call NYC Steam Cleaning today.


A light vacuuming in the traffic areas is recommended but not required. If needed, the crew can pre-vacuum the area to be cleaned. Also, the equipment is vacuuming the entire time we are cleaning.

Typically, an area is a room that is up to 300 square feet (that is 15 x 20 or approximately the size of a two-car garage). Living room/dining room combos are considered two areas. Any area over 300 square feet but less than 600 square feet is priced as two areas. Non-standard areas (baths, halls, landings, walk-in-closets, etc.) are priced separately from the standard areas, usually at a lesser price. Please know that these room sizes may vary by location.

On average, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary greatly depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments.

There is no charge to move furniture. Our crews are professionally trained to move your furniture, and return it to its rightful place when cleaning is completed. There are several items we recommend not moving, such as: pianos, electronics, china cabinets, waterbeds, some large beds, dressers with mirrors, etc. We do suggest you remove items off of your furniture like plants, lamps and knick knacks. If you would like, you may reach your local NYC Steam Cleaning at 1-888-245-1199. The customer service advisor will be able to answer any technical questions you might have as well as provide a cost estimate. Thank you for your inquiry and interest in NYC Steam Cleaning. Please feel free to contact us once again if you need further assistance.

Dry time is affected by humidity, temperature and air flow to the area. It can take anywhere between 8-24 hours for the carpet to completely dry, depending on the aforementioned variables. Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time. Be sure to leave the protective blocks under furniture legs and any paper used with upholstered items in place until the carpet and/or furniture is completely dry to avoid any color transfer. You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing clean rubber soled shoes. Be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas on to non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.

The problem results from residues being left in the carpet which attract dirt. Usually this is caused by the use of soap in the cleaning process that hasn’t been rinsed out completely. Our specially formulated solution and hot water extraction cleaning process leaves little to no residue behind to attract dirt.

Although most spots that are removed from carpet do not reappear, some substances in carpet backing may wick to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, please contact NYC Steam Cleaning at 1-888-245-1199 as soon as possible.

We cannot guarantee that we will remove all spots or stains. There are substances that can permanently discolor the carpet fibers. The age of the carpet and the type of carpet fibers also plays a factor in this. The technician will try to determine if this is the case prior to cleaning but they are not always able to determine this before trying to remove the spots.

As the carpet dries, these bubbles or ripples should start to lay flat again. Once it is dry they should be virtually unnoticeable. This is usually a sign that the carpet was in need of re-stretching prior to the cleaning. If these ripples do not go away after it is completely dry, please contact NYC Steam Cleaning at 1-888-245-1199 as soon as possible.

We cannot guarantee that the cleaning will get rid of all the fleas. We usually recommend that the customer kill the adult fleas first by whichever method they prefer, this is something that a professional exterminator might be able to help with. Please keep in mind that the carpet is not the only place fleas will lay eggs, you might consider having your upholstery treated and cleaned as well as any area rugs or pet beds.

When comparing prices, make sure you ask a lot of questions and please keep a few things in mind. Our price includes treating for spots, moving furniture, and a 10-day satisfaction policy. There are no hidden fees or additional charges. Also, we never sub-contact, so our technicians are always background checked, drug tested and properly trained NYC Steam Cleaning employees. This is what allows us to stand behind all of our work.

We are happy to work with you to correct any situation that may arise. In some cases this can mean spot cleaning specific areas of concern or even completely re-cleaning the area in question. In the end, we’re not satisfied until you are.