Bronx Carpet Cleaning

The Bronx is the only NYC borough that has the majority of its area on the mainland. It counts more than 1.4 million people according to the latest 2016 census. The Bronx River divides the borough into a hillier section in the west, and a flatter area in the east. Whether you live in the Yankee Stadium area, Riverdale or Pelham Bay, and are looking for professional steam cleaning services for your home or business, we are here to provide you with unparalleled services at unbeatable prices. We have been catering to the needs of this historic northern neighborhood of NYC for more than two decades, and we enjoy helping the residents and businesses here precisely because of the mix of that big-city mood and the charm of the neighborhood.

Whether you have recently moved here and you need help with the general cleaning, or you want to make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned by professional services at least a couple of times a year, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us. Give us a call today for a Bronx steam cleaning quote or fill up our online estimate form and let us get back to you straight away!

Bronx Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery is a leading alternative to the classic methods used up until a few years ago. Given the fact that we spend at lest ninety percent of our time inside our home or office spaces, it is mandatory to get rid of potentially dangerous pollutants lingering around. Did you know there are one hundred times more pollutants indoors than they are outdoors? Surface cleaning of debris is just one of the steps needed to thoroughly clean carpets and furniture. Deeper procedures that get into the fibers of the carpets and furniture can effectively remove dirt, dust mites, hair shed by your pets, and other contaminants that could trigger allergies and other health issues.

Steam cleaning uses special equipment that shoots hot water into carpet fibers in order to remove the build-up and cut the amount of germs and bacteria found deep within the carpet. The underlying materials will not be damaged in any way, thanks to the ability to control the level of moisture applied to the carpet. The suction component will then eliminate the dirt along with the excess water, resulting in a greatly improved appearance as well as lifespan of your carpets. Hire us and you will not have to worry about any yellowing that is usually caused by brighteners.

We are one of the most experienced and reliable carpet cleaners in the Bronx area, and we are fully trained in IICRC carpet cleaning methods. So you can rest assured we know exactly what we are doing.

Wood Floor Cleaning In The Bronx

NYC Steam Cleaning offers a specialized Wood Floor Cleaning Service prone to expand the lifespan of your wood floors, on top of leaving them spotless. We only hire commercial-grade trained wood floor cleaners who do an excellent job at eradicating dirt, dust, and other types of harmful contaminants known to make your floors weaker and damage them to the point they require expert repair services.

Our service will therefore not only clean your wood floors, but also extract the dirt buried deep within the fibers. We also handle manual cleaning and drying services for floor surfaces, and protective coating applications.

We will also handle the preparing of your floors for our cleaning equipment by removing all the debris and dirt; we offer detailed hand cleaning services for areas that are difficult to reach by hand, and advanced scrubbing services that can eliminate dirts that is difficult to get rid of.

The Best Upholstery Cleaning In The Bronx

We all get pesky spots on our furniture every now and then, especially when we live in a household with small children and/pets. Most of these spots are usually easy to tackle and they solely require the use of upholstery cleaners. But there are also times when your regular cleaners cannot get the job done, and you are stuck with those unsightly stains on your furniture. What then? Sure you can head down to the nearest department store, go to the cleaning supply isle and look for a better cleaner. Or you can call some professional furniture and upholstery cleaners like the NYC Steam Cleaning company and have them take care of those stains for you hassle-free. But stains are not the only reason why professional cleaners are recommended every now and then.

Having clean upholstery around the house or at the office will help you breathe cleaner air, and keep allergies and other specific health problems at bay. Large amounts of dust, mold, and mildew are known to choose upholstery as their breeding grounds. And since they are basically microscopic organisms, the human eye does not usually detect them. By having your furniture professionally cleaned, you will prevent these contaminants from spreading through the air you breathe, and from there on into your body.

With over two decades of experience in the field, our technicians possess high quality equipment that can clean any known type of upholstery, after creating a proper cleaning plan based on make and material.

Give us a call today at 1-888-245-1199 and let us restore your home or office upholstery.

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