10 Signs That Your Home Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners undervalue the importance of clean carpeting. Carpets are a breeding ground for dust mites, dirt, and other pollutants or allergens that can put your family members (and visitors) at risk of illness. This is especially true if someone in your household has asthma or another lung condition. Regardless of occupants, professional carpet cleaning should be conducted at least once every twelve months. The cleanliness of your carpet can directly predict the cleanliness of the air around you. Make it as safe as you possibly can.

If you’ve never experienced professional carpet cleaning, now is the time to get started. Not sure whether your home needs cleaning ASAP? Look for these ten signs:

(1) You have the same carpet throughout your home, but some rooms look darker than others.

This is a common sign that carpet cleaning is necessary. If your carpet is the same (or similar in color) throughout your home, floors in certain rooms shouldn’t look darker than others. Open as many windows as possible in several rooms. Then compare the shade of your carpet. You should be able to make an accurate decision from there.

(2) There are a number of visible stains or marks in carpeted rooms.

Whether your family or the occupants before you left stains in the carpet, they should be treated right away. Steam cleaning can remove many stains – but sometimes, it’s already too late. In these cases, carpet must be removed entirely to maintain the aesthetic of the home.

(3) You’ve noticed strange odors coming from your carpet.

More and more often, you feel like a strange smell is coming from your carpet. No matter how much you clean, dust, and vacuum, you can’t seem to get rid of it. These smells can come from a variety of bacteria, dirt, and grime that your carpet has trapped.

(4) You’ve considered having your carpet replaced altogether, but have concerns about the cost.

Sometimes, replacing carpet isn’t as necessary as homeowners believe. If your carpet isn’t worn, torn, or flat, professional carpet cleaning can have the same effect (and save you money).

(5) You have several pets that roam carpeted areas regularly.

Even if you don’t notice stains in your carpet, pets often leave them. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in more than twelve months and you have pets that roam regularly, get in touch with local steam cleaners.

(6) Your carpet feels gritty, dirty, dusty, or uncomfortable on your feet/hands.

The easiest way to tell that your carpet needs cleaning is the touch. How does it feel when you lay your hands on it? If you wouldn’t want to sit on your carpet, you probably shouldn’t be walking on it either. Remember, your carpet directly affects the air you breathe. If your carpet isn’t clean, your air isn’t clean.

(7) You feel the need to wear socks in carpeted rooms.

This is another common sign that carpet cleaning is needed. Take note if you find yourself constantly wearing socks. Sometimes, our subconscious mind knows our carpet needs cleaning before our conscious mind does.

(8) Your visitors have commented on the cleanliness of your carpet.

If your visitors often make remarks about your carpet (namely that it needs cleaning), don’t brush it away. Often times, visitors have a better understanding of the cleanliness of our carpet because they don’t see it every single day. Besides, you don’t want your visitors to feel uncomfortable in your home.

(9) Your carpet looks worn.

While professional carpet cleaning can’t replace worn, torn, or flat carpet, it can improve the appearance. Your carpet may look worn because of sitting dust or bacteria. Try having your carpet cleaned before considering replacement.

(10) You aren’t sure when your carpet was last cleaned – including when you moved in.

If your home has never, in your memory, had professional carpet cleaning, you need to call a team of experts as soon as possible. If you’ve never seen your carpet clean, you don’t know what it looks like dirty. This means your opinion of the cleanliness of your carpet is skewed. You need a fresh start. That way, you can notice the above signs when they occur.

If you notice one or more of these signs in your home, get in touch with a team of steam cleaners right away. At NYC Steam Cleaning, we respect the value of your home and your family. We offer a variety of services, including air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. As a bonus, we only use environmentally friendly, organic cleaners to ensure the safety our customers.

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