Why Cleaning Your Air Ducts Needs To Become A Priority

What is your definition of a clean environment? Vacuuming carpets? Mopping floors? Cleaning surface dirt? While doing all of these will usually help you maintain a decently clean office, what about the air that you breathe? Did you ever think that you could do something to improve its quality and your employees’ own well-being and health, at the same time? Taking care of the air inside your office building means, on short, learning how to keep it clean. If you never imagined that you could actually control air cleanliness, here are a few ideas that should help you get a firmer grasp on the concept.

Air Ducts In Office Spaces – What Are They For?

  • Air ducts are special passages that exhaust, send, or return air into a room. They are mostly used for A/C, ventilation or heating purposes.
  • Air ducts are primarily used to provide a decent level and quality of the air indoors. But they are also praised for the role in ensuring comfort at a thermal level. It takes a professional to lay out the perfect air ducts, as well as plan all the details, optimize it, and identify all pressure issues.
  • Ducts can be made out of galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass duct board, fabric or flexible ducting, and more. An expert in the industry should be able to help you decide upon the most suitable materials, sizes, models, and locations for your air ducts.
  • The majority of office spaces feature air ducts that have been professionally installed with the main purpose of keeping the space heated or cooled down, as needed. These ducts are known to periodically suffer from clogging issues because of dust and grime. This automatically prevents the air ducts from doing their job. It is therefore a problem that requires the immediate attention of an expert air duct cleaner.

How To Fix Air Duct Problems

  • There are also ways of preventing dust build up in air ducts. One of the smartest approaches is to have your air ducts be periodically inspected by a pro and have them change the air filters. You can also learn how to do this on your own, but you may want to rely on the experience of a person whose job is to actually do this to avoid any unwanted problems.
  • As an office manager, you will need to get in touch with an HVAC professional or a specialized cleaning company like the NYC Steam Cleaning company that specializes in cleaning services for air ducts. This is a job that requires certain tools and procedures that cannot be handled by someone who lacks the knowledge, skill, and experience. It is also a job that is know to be extremely tiring. So you should definitely consider hiring experts to take care of it.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts Periodically?

  • First of all, air ducts that are clogged with dirt and dust will simply not work the way they are supposed to work. If your office is located in a highly industrialized area or a place where there is a lot of traffic and high pollution levels, you will definitely confront with clogged air ducts more often. Also, if your office space has recently been through a renovation, you may also be dealing with a lot of accumulated dust and dirt into your air ducts.
  • If you or any of your employees/customers suffer from asthma and other types of airborne allergies, you will be personally influenced by improperly cleaned air ducts in the office. Moreover, air ducts that are not cleaned the right way can also trigger respiratory infections, because they will host more viruses, fungi, and bacteria. This is because the quality of the air will be affected because of the additional air contaminants. How badly? Just think of it like this: there are times when the pollution of the air indoors can exceed the pollution outside. Since you and your employees spend at least 8 hours a day indoors, it is needless to say why you need to ensure your air ducts are properly maintained and cleaned periodically.
  • Clean air ducts will better maintain your ducts for a longer time. This will cut the repair and replacement costs, as well as your heating or cooling energy bills. Since 45 percent of the household energy costs go toward heating and cooling. Unfortunately, 20 percent of this particular energy gets wasted because of the contaminants inside the systems.
  • When your air ducts are maintained effectively, the air cooling or heating systems do not have to put in as much effort to maintain the desired temperatures. This means less energy will be used, and the bills will be significantly lowered.
  • But issues like mold or water contamination should also trigger immediate cleaning actions, or you will further jeopardize the health of your personnel. You will not only risk having a lot of your employees go on a sick leave, but they could also file lawsuits against you.

The costs of having your air ducts cleaned will depend on the type of services you will need, as well as the size of your HVAC systems and the degree of accessibility. Companies like NYC Steam Cleaning can provide you with affordable air duct cleaning services at a time that is convenient to you. We are more than happy to assess all of your air ducts, and perform thorough cleaning and removal of all types of contaminants. Feel free to further check our website for any additional information you may need about NYC air duct cleaning, or give us a call at 1-888-245-1199 today!

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