Can You Vaporize Bed Bugs And Allergens Away?

Most people think that chemicals are the easy route to a clean home and they believe that these chemicals can help them get rid of any allergens and dirt from their homes. It is a bit of a paradox if you think about it. The symptoms, which bring on your allergies, are quite similar to the chemicals that are present in conventional cleaning products.

Most allergy sensitive people have similar reactions to household cleaning chemicals as they might have to dust, pollen or mites. Redness of skin, watery eyes and nose, coughing, sneezing repeatedly and skin irritation are some of the symptoms of an allergy. Nowadays, people are trying to use more and more chemicals to get rid of mites and other pests in their homes like bed bugs.

The mattress on which they sleep is sprayed with harsh chemicals, which is then inhaled throughout the duration of their sleep. This can only spell disaster for health. One of the worse things about chemical cleaners is that they reside on a surface even after you have wiped them down. The chemical residue will not only alleviate your allergy symptoms but will also prove to be dangerous if you have small children and pets in your home. Here is a brief overview of the effect of steam on allergens and bed bug infestation.

Vaporize Allergies Along With Your Worries

There are so many reasons why chemicals are not good for an allergy-ridden person. They have an extremely responsive respiratory tract that is overly sensitive to chemicals and harsh ingredients. Using them for residential cleaning can aggravate your allergies. Moreover, many people suffering from allergies have a weak immune system, because their bodies have a perpetual safeguarding mechanism, which is used to put up a shield against the constant stream of allergens that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Chemical fumes from cleaning sprays can become airborne even after hours of cleaning, and liquid chemicals can remain stuck to surfaces after drying up. Thus, they will still be able to cause distress to an individual with allergies. Most people are converting to steam cleaning to vaporize the allergy-causing particles from their homes. It is 100% effective as vapor steam cleaning method is free from any chemicals and is just basically water, which is sprayed with high pressure in the form of a high temperature steam.

This will not only help you get rid of pollutants, but also any allergens and mites. Our experts at the NYC Steam Cleaning Service can get rid of dust, pollen, pet hair, grime and grease, dust mites, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and any kind of stain in your home.

Can Steam Affect Bed Bugs?

This year bed bugs are making a huge comeback, which is good for them but not so good for you. What is worse is that they are getting used to of the chemical pesticides and cleaning products that are usually used to eliminate them. Moreover, most homeowners are wary of letting the cleaning services use any kind of chemicals in their homes, especially in their kitchen and children’s bedrooms, and for good reason!

So how can you get rid of them, while maintaining the health of your family and pets, and your sanity? The solution is steam cleaning. It is an easy and convenient way to get rid of the unwanted pests that are becoming resistant to traditional extermination methods. Steam is a natural sterilizer and can be used to disinfect any area with high efficiency.

As an effective bed bug removal tool, it can be applied like an insecticide without the danger of any harsh chemicals. The high temperature steam will not only kill the bedbugs, in any stage of their development, but also disinfect the area. This eco-friendly, all-natural bed bug removal tool can eliminate bugs as well as their eggs, because these insects are extremely sensitive to high heat. When exposed to high temperature, they can be killed instantly.

If you have used home remedies, essential oils or used desperate measures like using chemicals on your mattress, sofas and pillows, and still seeing no results, it is time to call for professional help. You will not only be provided with expert cleaning techniques and eco-friendly innovative cleaning tools and products, but you will also be able to make a safer and effective choice for your home.

Moreover, killing bed bugs by steam cleaning will yield good results, as mattresses and any other soft, absorbent space (where bed bugs exist) are slow drying and have the potential for mold formation. Our cleaning experts suggest using dry steaming cleaning method, which uses only 5% water content steam that will eliminate the problem and facilitate a rapid drying time. This is quite efficient in bed bug cases, as professional steam cleaners are able to produce higher temperatures that will be able to target every egg and bug in your home.

To get rid of allergens and bed bugs, call 1-888-245-1199 today and talk with our cleaning specialist to find the best cleaning package for you.

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