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Kilim Turkish Rugs – Cleaning And Care

Turkish Kilim rugs are specific to Asia Minor and the areas around it. All of these regions used to belong to the Ottoman Empire and they play a critical role in the regional culture here. They originate in several different ethnicities and traditions and they continue to make our homes and office spaces more beautiful, lively, mysterious or classy. If you need help with cleaning your antique Turkish kilim rugs or getting rid of some unsightly stains on them, we are the people for the job. We specialize in Turkish kilim rugs as well as a rich array of other types of Oriental rugs. We can assess rugs, run color tests, clean, restore, repair and help maintain your precious carpets in a pristine form for a longer period of time. We can also save you precious money and energy on having to shop for a new rug, especially if it is a family heirloom that has no replacement.

Original Turkish kilim rugs are usually expensive and they require special care and maintenance so they can withstand the test of time and the wear-and-tear factor. Get in touch with us, ask for a free assessment and let us clean your kilims and help you enjoy their long lost charm once again.

What Are Turkish Kilim Rugs?

Turkish kilim rugs belong to a wider category of Turkish rugs and they are flat carpets with the woven tapestry. They are normally used to decorate rooms or as functional centerpiece for prayer altars and various areas inside the house. With their vibrant colors and amazing designs, their beauty is only surpassed by the technique that was used to create them.

Most kilims are made from wool and cotton and they are tied with a symmetrical know. They can be small in size or they can cover the surface of an entire room and the earliest examples date back to the 13th century. They are considered to be less sturdy compared to Oriental area rugs, as they feature 16 threads of weft and 14 threads of warp per every inch of the weave.

Kilims are colored in yellow, green, red and blue stripes and they are covered in different geometric designs. Not many kilims older than 100 exist nowadays since most of them withered a few decades after they were made. Kilim weaving is a complex practice that requires tight interweaving of the warp in order to create a flat effect. You will oftentimes see kilims designed with a female figure on them, which is a leitmotif that was commonly used a few centuries ago. It represents the symbol of fertility and motherhood. Kilims are also designed with various messages and tribal symbols that may not be extremely meaningful in today’s modern world, but which possess high historical value.

Kilim Rug Services We Offer

  • damage-free Kilim rug cleaning
  • repair and restoration services
  • color-run testing
  • organic cleaners
  • IICRC-certified kilim cleaners
  • deodorization services

Whether you own an antique kilim or a 21st century adaptation that beautifully styles your floors or sofa, we can help you care for it the right way. If you live in the New York area, you are likely the owner of a kilim that features a mix of vibrant colors with large designs. In order to keep your precious rug safe from harmful factors such as heavy foot traffic, exposure to dust in the air and other polluting factors that will affect the brightness of the colors, get in touch with us and hire our professional cleaning services.

Advanced Kilim Rug Cleaning Services

We will begin by measuring your rug and carefully assessing the exact type and style, in an attempt to determine the materials it is made from, the techniques that have been used in the manufacturing process, the color dyes that have been used, whether they are color-run and the nature of of the stains or dirt that requires our attention. We will also determine the type of repairs or restoration that the rug might need before the actual cleaning is initiated. Our rich experience in the field of oriental carpet cleaning in general and our rich knowledge on kilim rugs, in particular, will help us make the best decisions possible.

We only work with damage-free cleaning products and techniques and we pay special attention to the environment and our clients’ health. We work with organic cleaners and professional washing and cleaning techniques that ensure a job well done every time. If, for some reason, you are not fully satisfied with the work our technicians have done, we will come back and bring some more elbow grease so you are fully happy with the final results.

The cleaning process will begin with deep vacuuming front to back with the help of industrial vacuum cleaners, followed by the chosen washing procedure picked by our experienced technicians. We will have the rug dried professionally.

Repair And Restoration Services

Prior to the cleaning, our cleaners will handle any small repairs on the fringes or the weaves to prevent unwanted issues during the washing or vacuuming.

Affordable Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning Prices

We are not only highly trained and experienced to work with kilims, but we also offer free, no-obligation estimates that are transparent. Honest and reflect the final costs with the promise of no hidden fees and charges. We wish to make kilim cleaning prices as easily accessible as possible for lots of people and we can help you have your carpets cleaned and restored at a fraction of the cost of buying a new rug.

Call today and let the NYC Steam Cleaning kilim cleaning experts show you why we are your number one go-to service in the city!

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