Get Rid Of The Germs: Clean Up Your Home After A Cold

Most people think of winter as the season of sniffles. Or, at least, this is what we were raised to believe. Why else would we all suddenly become a little paranoid not to catch a cold, and start wearing our warmest clothes when the temperatures drop in the thermometers? Apparently, we are not that far from the truth either. Recent animal research backs up the idea according to which the body’s internal temperatures decreases when exposed to cold air. This also leads to the immune system’s decreased ability to fight against the rhinovirus, which is known to cause the common cold. The reason why the virus prefers colder temperatures for replication remains unknown.

Until scientists figure that one out, you can stimulate your immune system and try to fight out colds the best way you can. If, however, you and/or someone else in your household have fallen victim to a nasty cold, you need to remain patient. Treat your symptoms the best way you can and wait for the virus to be gradually eradicated from your body. And if you have to spend a few days wallowing in your sickness in bed, keep in mind your home will most likely become contaminated with the sickness residue. Which means you will need to figure out what is the most effective post-cold cleaning routine for you. Here are a few useful ideas on how to clean up your house and make it germ-free once more as soon as your cold is gone and you feel up for it.

Disinfect Your Bedding

  • When we have a cold, we tend to spend as much time as possible in bed. We also tend to sweat a lot, especially while sleeping.
  • It would be useful to make a habit out of placing an extra sheet under the fitted sheet in order to absorb the extra sweat.
  • It is also a good idea to place a pillow protector over the pillows for similar purposes.
  • Once the cold is gone, it is mandatory to wash the bedding and replace it with a fresh one. It is also advisable to air out the mattress and pre-soak the linens in a stain remover prior to the regular wash cycle if the cold has left behind traces of blood, vomit or other bodily fluids.
  • If they have reached your carpets as well, you will need to get in touch with some professional cleaners in town and have them thoroughly clean everything for you. If you live in New York, you can contact NYC Steam Cleaning, the number one organic cleaner in the city. Let us handle all of your clean-up needs using the safest green cleaning products and procedures at affordable prices while you are still recovering from your cold.

Clean All Points Of Contact

  • When a cold has you nailed to the bed, you are not left with a great deal of activities to choose from. You will most likely spend your time browsing your social media pages on your smartphone, read news or books on your tablet, and play games or watch TV series on your laptop. Which means all of these points of contacts will need to be properly disinfected with sanitizers.
  • Plus, the TV remote, light switch plates and door knobs are submitted to the same germ risks. All of these points of contact will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so you can prevent the germs and bacteria from lingering around the house.

Pay Attention To The Kitchen Area

  • While you might not be using your kitchen as often while having a cold, you may still get in there. Which means you may sneeze all over your counters and leave your germs all over it.
  • Go ahead and disinfect everything, including the handles on your refrigerator, drawers, cupboards, and faucets.
  • It is also useful to wipe down the garbage can and replace the garbage bag.

Disinfect Your Bathroom

  • Tile and grout inside a bathroom are notoriously difficult to clean. If your cold has prevented you from doing your regular mopping and cleaning, and you have stubborn dirt that has settled on the bathroom tile, you will need to get ready for some extra work.
  • Or, you can call Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in the city and hire them to take care of everything for you. NYC Steam Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning that will make your bathroom look sparkling clean once more. They will not only handle the tile surface or the grout lines, but they will also clean up the countertops inside the bathroom, and disinfect everything for you.

Get Professional Help From Expert Cleaners

If you want to have your entire home thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after a nasty cold, and you do not have the time or energy to do it all in one day, it is advisable to call a professional help. NYC Steam Cleaning provides emergency help on a 24-hour basis, all days of the week, weekends included. Feel free to get in touch with us and let us make your home dirt and germ-free again. We only use organic cleaning products that will not affect your immune system or overall health, while also prolonging the life of your hardwood floors and carpets.

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