The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

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No matter how much effort we put in cleaning the carpets, they do become the victim of stains, spills, and dirt. But we still try maintaining them with home remedies. Even if your carpet seems perfect to you at first sight having no visible stains, on closer inspection you will find that it has collected dust since you last cleaned it. Not to mention the dust mites that you won’t be able to see or any allergens that could be polluting your carpet.

If you really want to keep your carpet neat, clean and away from dirt, then you need to know the right thing to do. The neat freaks keep experimenting with DIYs, damaging the carpet in the process. So, here are some dos and don’ts to help you keep your carpet in top notch condition for the long haul.

The Dos to Keeping Your Carpets Neat and New

There are certain home remedies that can help you clean your carpets capably. So, here goes a list of Dos to keeping your carpets neat and new always.

Vacuum Your Carpets Daily

This is one of the most basic things to do for keeping your carpets dirt-free but some people don’t vacuum regularly. Regular cleaning removes the dirt and dust from the fibers. Thus, make sure that you have a quality vacuum cleaner.

Over time, there have been many improvements in the vacuum cleaners. The new vacuum cleaners have stronger suction and are lighter in weight. They have other convenient features that make them easier to use.

Place Mats

Dirt and filth enters your house with the soles of your shoes. When you or someone else enters your home with dirty shoes, they bring in grime, mud and other unwanted particles with them. But there is an efficient way to avoid this. You can place walk off mats at your door steps. If your house has different doors and entrances, try keeping walk off mats at every door’s entrance.

Dirt usually comes from high soil areas such as backyard, garages etc. But placing a mat can help you keeping the grime outside your home. If you invest a few dollars in these mats now, you will be able to save the trouble that comes with extensive carpet cleaning.

Use Shaving Creams to Remove Stains

Stains and spills are common in every household. You may use several remedies like mixing water and detergents to clean your carpet, but we advise you not to do so. This remedy is going to damage your carpet even more and lighten the stain instead of permanently removing it. Now this may sound a bit strange to you, but it is observed that shaving creams are one of the best carpet cleaners for ordinary stains on your carpet.

Shaving creams can remove any type of stain in just a few hours. Whenever you need to clean a stain on your carpet, apply shaving cream on the stain and leave it for about 30 minutes. Once the cream is laid down, you can clean it away with a dry and clean cloth. After that, you can spray that area with vinegar and finish off by wiping it away with a clean cloth. Let it cool and dry, brush the carpet’s strands and you will see that the affected area is exactly the same as others.

The Don’ts You Should Avoid

At times, people resort to cleaning methods that damage their carpets, but to keep them clean, they do it anyway. Here are a few things that you should avoid doing with your carpets.

Do Not Vacuum New Carpets

When you buy a new carpet, it is likely that it will not get dirty to the depth for about weeks; therefore you must always give it time to bed in and avoid vacuuming. The new carpets have loose fiber packing which holds them in an upright position. But vacuuming makes them go flat. This can damage your new carpet, so go for a non electric hand sweeper instead.

Never Rub Stains

All women start panicking when they find a stain on their new or old carpet. In the flurry to clean, they start rubbing them. You may not know this, but it spreads the stain instead of making it go away. One must never rub carpet stains, but dab them. Dab stains with cleaning solutions and a clean cloth. The main thing is blotting; it puts some pressure on the stain and soaks the moisture inside.

Avoid Over-Wetting

When we spill too much water over a stain on the carpet, it causes over wetting. This is not an effective remedy because a lot of water soaks on the bottom of the carpet which may fade its color. Not only this, this can make the carpet shrink because of extreme wetness. So, always avoid over wetting carpets and use reasonable amount of water to avoid the risks of mildews and molds.

Who Should You Contact?

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