How Often Should You Call in the Professionals to Get Your Carpet Cleaned

There are plenty of things that you should be concerned about when you are wondering how frequently you should get your carpet cleaned and what recurring service package to choose from the professionals cleaners you have picked out of the lot in New York City. If you are in charge of taking care of your own house, you may have trouble believing that you can have your carpet looking as clean as the day you got it put. Well, you can do so. All you have to do is determine how often you are going to give it the professional treatment.

Pets in the House

We love our pets and we have done a fantastic job of making sure that they are trained. The bad news is that this does not save you from having your carpet cleaned every year. Additionally, if your pet experiences problems with its bladder, then it’s every 6 months for you. You should know that there is more than just one reason as to why you should be careful about carpet cleaning when there are pets in the house. For one, your pets are prone at dropping dust, dander and hair on your carpet. Frequent vacuuming also extends the time that is required between frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning. We are talking at least thrice a week, AT LEAST! Nobody who is juggling their everyday life tasks could ever have the time for that.

Children in the House

A large family makes for an inviting and warm home. However, kids and clean carpets are seldom found in the same house. It is not just the children though. The more people that are under one roof, the more the traffic your carpet sees and therefore, you have to have your carpet cleaned between the time of 6 months and a year. The perfect cleaning regime is scheduling a cleaning every 9 months.

People are Just Messy

If you are living with a partner or alone and you are gentle when it comes to treading on your carpets, you can easily have your carpet professionally steam cleaned between 6 months or a year or even 2 years. However, to exactly determine how often you should get your carpet cleaned, you have to judge how often the carpet is stepped on and its proximity to areas that spew dust and dirt.

It’s Thanksgiving at Your Place Every Day

Some people are really enthusiastic about cooking. You must realize that cooking oils are a major contributor to making carpets look dirty. It is the tiny drops of oil that float in the air and latch on to the dirt on your carpet and make it look so soiled. Such a carpet is looking at a professional cleaning job every 6 month to a year.

Everyone in the House is Usually Barefoot

Your family is barefoot at all times when they are in the home. That is also the reason why you have an excellent selection of carpets around the house, which are also the envy of so many guests. That’s good, except the fact that it is not exactly 100% clean. The oil from your feet sticks onto the carpet you walk and so does the dead skin that you shed, especially in the dry weather. We give it a 12 month cleaning time. This way, the expensive fibers will be smelling fresh and looking as good as new all the time.

You Use a Polyester Carpet

Carpets crafted from Olefin and Polyester grab oil easily and soil faster than fabric does. You will notice that you end up vacuuming these carpets more frequently and therefore, they also require a more frequent professional cleaning job. Maybe a 6-9 month job will be good, depending on how much the carpet is used.

You are Concerned about Allergies and Asthmas

A lot of people think that carpets are bad if you have people in the family who have breathing problems or allergies. Carpets are the biggest filters your home has; they are also the healthiest floor to have for people suffering from asthma. That is only true if you are able to maintain them. The best way around this is to have your carpets cleaned by professionals every 6 months.

The amount of traffic a carpet sees depends from home to home. In order to determine how often these carpets should be cleaned, you must always think about standard of cleanliness for you and your family and the professional cleaning service that fits in your budget. You don’t need to have all carpets cleaned every time the cleaners come by. You can save the ones in rooms less ventured for later.

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