Why Vacuuming Alone is Not Even Close to Adequate Carpet Cleaning

All of us believe that frequent vacuuming is the key to keeping our carpets clean. You are vigilant with your cleaning schedule, never miss any nook and cranny and immediately clean a stain when there is a spill. Have you thought as to why, after all that dedication you put, your carpets still look drab?

It is because you have been skipping a professional carpet cleaning job. A proper steam cleaning job is not only safe for the environment and for the members of the household but most people don’t know that it also keeps your warranty valid. You probably don’t know that some carpet companies require that you have your carpet steam cleaned between 1-2 years of buying it. This is because a DIY vacuuming job is never enough to get you a clean carpet. Before the allergies peak and the quality of your expensive carpet diminishes, call in a professional cleaning service in New York City, like NYC Steam Cleaning.

If you do not clean your floor surface, the indoor air quality might fall. Here are some things regarding a carpet cleaning regime that you should follow at all times.

Have Professionals Steam Your Carpet

We already established how important it is to clean your carpets for the warranty to remain valid. A steam cleaning job should be done depending on how much your carpet gets treated, the number of people in the house, the pets in the house and activities that would lead to easier soiling of the fabric. If your carpet is prone to getting dirty fast, you should call in a professional steam cleaning service every 6 months. Some people even prefer a steam cleaning job every other month. This has their carpets looking brand new.

In order to make sure that you don’t damage your carpets, you must never attempt to clean the carpets on your own. You must always lift dust from within the carpet. If you just leave it there, you are going to wear it down further and can even risk ripping the fibers. A professional service has the equipment to handle the carpeted surfaces better and the expertise to maintain its quality.

Keep Up the Vacuuming Between Cleaning Jobs

You must vacuum at least once every week and in between every steam cleaning job. This ensures that abrasive dust particles are cleaned from the carpet. You can also rev up the vacuum in spots where your pet likes to lie down often. For the most part, just follow your instincts as you do with cleaning and plan your cleaning schedule accordingly.

Vacuuming Works Slowly

You have probably seen people on a mission to get everything clean, literally running around the house with the vacuum. This is a mistake. To make the most of the vacuuming, you have to make sure that you move the machine slowly, giving maximum vacuuming time to each area.

Take Out the Area Rugs for Spring Cleaning and During Fall

Different rugs come with their own sets of instructions on how to use them. It is important that you check yours when it comes to an ideal cleaning schedule. Generally, it is important that you vacuum rugs just as much as you vacuum carpets. It is recommended that you go for a full deep cleaning service twice a year and not just a plain steam cleaning job. Before cleaning the rugs, make sure you take them outside and beat them to shake off the dust. Since this is a DIY cleaning job, make sure that you have a protective mask on to keep yourself from inhaling the dust.

Consider the Type of Carpet you are Buying

When you are buying a carpet, make sure that you pick the one that is not made from a material that attracts dust. The size of the fibers on the carpet matter as well. You must pick the one that has short fibers. The one with high layers traps more dust. When it comes to the material, go with natural materials, such as wool, and not synthetic materials.

Always Clean Spills as Soon as You See Them

You are probably scheduled for a steam cleaning job in a couple of months or weeks. It is a good habit to clean blotches and stains as soon as you spot them. However, this time, you can save them from the harsh chemicals that you use in hopes of completely eradicating traces of the stain. Rub a clean cloth on the carpet and then, blot it dry with a dry rag. For absorbing the moisture, you can place a stack of paper towels on top of the area.

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