3 Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Less Often

According to a time use survey issued by The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Americans spend around 66 minutes a day on average cleaning their homes. Washing baseboards, dusting furniture, vacuuming floors and carpets, folding laundry, or doing the dishes are some of the main chores on the list. Unfortunately, a day is limited to 24 hours, and we (should) spend at least 7 or 8 of them asleep, rebooting our systems. Our lives are basically limited by the time we have; needless to say, we need to make every hour count. So why waste precious time cleaning house when we don’t necessarily need to?

Don’t Let Your Life Fly By While Cleaning

Sure we all want to live in sparkling clean homes; and as much as we’d hate spending time scrubbing and mopping, we cannot actually avoid it. Hiring professional cleaners to handle stubborn stains, mold, and damaged carpets that need restoring is an efficient solution when dealing with bigger issues. And it can also work well for long-term results. Make sure to take a look at the residential cleaning services the NYC Steam Cleaning team can provide you with. But, honestly, how many of us actually know how to maintain our homes/kitchens spotless in the long run?  

Mopping tile and grout and scrubbing sinks for hours is not the most pleasant way of spending your weekends. Act smart and cut the time needed to get those dreaded cleaning tasks done. Spend more family time with your loved ones and embrace your hobbies and passions. It will do you tremendous good.

To come to your help, here are a few of the best cleaning solutions that should help you maintain your kitchen clean and tidy for a longer time, without having to spend loads of time in it.

#1: Start With The Kitchen First Thing In The Morning

We all hate those old, nasty coffee, oatmeal and milk stains on the floors and countertops we periodically come across in our kitchens. One fast and simple solution to get rid of this issue is to make a habit out of always cleaning your kitchen in the morning. Fit this into your daily cleaning schedule and you should soon notice you will have an easier time doing maintenance work. Get rid of long and tiring deep cleaning sessions by getting up earlier in the morning and making your favorite cup of coffee or tea. While your drink is still brewing, unload the dishwasher or do the dishes filling up the sink.

Encourage everyone to clear their plates after every meal and place them in the dishwasher or on the counter. Wipe down the table and countertops and run the dishwasher, if it’s full.

#2: Do Small Daily Tasks

  • Wipe down the countertops after each meal, and inspect any crumbs and stains on the floors. Quickly have them vacuumed or swept. Trust us, you will thank yourself at the end of the week. Even if your kitchen may be decorated with lots of nice things, it will most likely look claustrophobic. A clean and clear countertop, on the other hand, will make your kitchen look fresh and invigorating. Get rid of all the items laying around on the kitchen counters, table, and floors, such as school backpacks and supplies, laptops, electronics, mail, and anything else that does not belong there. Your kitchen will suddenly look spacier and brighter.
  • Quickly wipe down the countertops and the stove with the help of bar mop towels.
  • Before you start cooking, always empty the sink and dishwasher so you can rinse and load all the tools and dishes straight away.
  • Take a couple of minutes a month to oil your cutting boards and wooden spoons, and save time and money on replacing them periodically.
  • Store your cleaning essentials under the sink or use a safe cabinet you can get fast access whenever needed.
  • Get trash containers that are spacious enough for your needs and make sure your recycling areas does not overflow. Avoid putting extra paper bags next to the bins and you will

#3: Clean The Sink Every Night

It may sound like an extra chore you may not be willing to do that easily. But once all the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, all you are left to do is sprinkle some scrub and clean the sink in a few simple moves. You can also use nice smelling soap and lukewarm water every time you are done doing the dishes. It is a good ritual that will maintain the sink looking clean and smelling good. Plus, it should prevent the dishes from getting too greasy when sitting in the sink for too long.

If you need a professional hand with your kitchen tile and grout, carpet, flooring, or upholstery in the rest of your house, you can get in touch with NYC Steam Cleaning and schedule an appointment today. We use 100% eco-friendly and safe cleaning supplies and methods that will make your home sparkling clean, while protecting your children and pets from harmful substances. We can also help you save precious time and energy, so don’t hesitate to call the experts whenever you feel overwhelmed or you could use an extra hand.

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