Cleaning Your Home: Leap Year Edition

Two thousand years ago, Julius Caesar helped design a calendar in which he added an extra day, every four years. He did that to make sure that our time measurement system remained in accordance with the Earth’s movement around the sun. Although that was centuries ago, Leap Year is still a part of our calendar and in many cultures it is revered. However, for us it gives us the perfect opportunity to use these extra 24 hours to make sure that we target specific cleaning chores that we neglect most of the year. Some cleaning chores don’t need to be addressed every month or even every year.

There are some tasks that you need to perform daily, weekly or even monthly and then there are some that don’t require our attention periodically. There are some cleaning tasks that you can ignore, and get away with, for at least four years. Today we will focus on providing you information about cleaning tasks that you will need to think about once every four years. Isn’t that awesome? Once you get them done, forget about them until the next Leap Year! Our experts at NYC Steam Cleaning shed some light on this important topic. Here is a complete list of the cleaning tasks that you will only need to worry about every Leap Year.

Washing the Walls

Although most people don’t think about it, walls are an important part of your home’s complete outlook. If they aren’t clean, no matter how much you clean the floors, your home will have that musty look. Cleaning and washing the walls to get rid of all the spills, fingerprints and dust build-up can make your home look like new. Painting your walls can be expensive. Instead, think about washing your walls to get rid of grime and grease that accumulates over the years. Although you might not think that it is such a great idea, when your walls look like new after an intense cleaning session by our experts, you will be pleasantly surprised. Regular cleaning by our experts at NYC Steam Cleaning will help your walls stay spot free for the most part, but deep cleaning your walls every four years is a good idea for any homeowner.

Clean Blinds or Curtains

Curtains and blinds can be a magnet for dust, germs and even insects. Most homeowners treat curtains as “hang it and forget it” kind of interior décor items. Steam cleaning, dry cleaning and laundering your curtains once every year is a popular recommendation by our cleaning experts, but for parts of your homes, that are not used every day, that is not necessary. For example, dining room or home office curtains are not exposed to dust or outside air, so cleaning them every four years is sufficient. You can easily get away with not cleaning them regularly, if you don’t have small children or curious pets. To maintain their luster, color and allure, and extending their lifetime, don’t expose them to excessive sunlight as it can bleach out their color. Moreover, giving them a shake, every once in awhile, can also help get rid of dust.

Deep Cleaning Your Porch

Most homeowners simply neglect the outer area of their house. It can be the porch or simply the pavement or garage. Pressure cleaning or steam cleaning by our experts can bring out the cluster in your tiles and make your pavement as new as the day that it was laid. To make sure that your home looks the best on the block, this is a necessary cleaning task to plan and accomplish every four years. Outer tiles, window panes, chimney tiles and porch tiles also attract a lot of dust on regular basis. If you fail to include the in your cleaning list, they may lose their aesthetic value. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that if your porch is made from wood, NYC Steam Cleaning offers their clients best deals on steam cleaning the wooden floors, to ensure that they are back to their gleaming selves in no time.

Getting Rid Of Old Linens

New and fresh linens will breathe new life into your bedroom. If you have a budget, you can choose to replace your mattress, the foam pad, your sheets and pillows. If you don’t, simply changing your sheets can be sufficient. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that a new pattern, color or type of sheets can do a lot for the décor of your bedroom. Moreover, cleaner sheets can also look and smell fresh and soft, and can be the secret to a good night’s sleep and healthy skin.

Remember, nobody is telling you to roll your sleeves up and attack the arduous stains and spills in your home on your own. Our professional cleaners, at the NYC Steam Cleaning, are there for you every step of the way. For a comprehensive Leap Year cleaning package, call us today at 1-888-245-1199 and make sure that your home remains clean and fresh throughout the year.

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