Cleaning Up Your House after a Grand Party

You had an epic time at the party but the aftereffects of hosting a grand one at your place are devastating. You cannot bear to stand the sight of the gigantic pile of dishes lying all around the kitchen sink, flooded dustbins, and inexplicable stains on carpets, furniture and scattered tissue papers. Here is a complete guide to clean after a huge party that you organized at your place so that you do not suffer a nervous breakdown by looking at the mess all around when you wake up the next morning.

Muster Energy and Do Pre-Cleanup the Night Before

Instead of just going to bed straightaway, you must take care of a few preliminaries to save you from a huge trouble the next day. Collect away all the disposable plates, cups, tissue papers, wrappers and leftovers and empty the trash cans outside. Also never let the alcohol bottles remain in the house overnight as they leave behind a despicable putrid smell in the morning. Shove them in the bin immediately. Assemble all the house cutlery and dishes and assemble them in neat piles on the kitchen counters. Keep all the food that you want to store in the refrigerator, judiciously discard all the rest.

Cleaning the Mysterious Stains

It is advisable to clean the stains the previous night only so that they do not harden and stink badly the next day. Look for spillages when you are picking up the glasses and kitchenware and deal with them right away.

Vomit: Remove the bulky bits and then clean with soda water and then clean with a good surface cleaner to get rid of the repugnant smells.

Beer and Wine: Beers can be cleaned with kitchen towel rags by dipping them in a solution prepared by mixing 1 part vinegar in 3 parts water. And then clean with a decent surface cleaner and follow the instructions. Clean the spots left behind by red wine with a sponge soaked in white wine. Then use a towel to wipe away the remnants before using the surface cleaner.

Water Rings: Remove these by rubbing toothpaste (non gel ones) on to the water ring. Rub gently with a spotless piece of cloth. You can even supplant toothpaste with full-fat mayonnaise and then let it stay there for an hour or so before cleaning it.

Maintain Your Cool and Devise an Action Plan

The main idea is not to panic the next day. Since there is a lot clutter and mess scattered all over the place, whining will not get you anywhere. Keep calm and devise a strategy to clean the house. Divide the house into sections and strategically start cleaning.

Clean Rooms Step by Step

Follow the action plan by cleaning rooms one by one instead of panicking and attempting to do everything at once.


Grab hold of large disposable bag and keep on dumping stuff in it. Quickly get rid of the stuff you do not require. As soon as you do that, you perception will clear and you will begin to see through the mess. Wash all the dishes wither in a dishwasher or by hand in the sink. Scrape away all the leftover food bits into the disposable bag rather than emptying it in the sink which could clog the waste lines. It would be a great idea to soak the dishes in detergent and water for half an hour before you clean them straightaway. In the meantime, you can clear away any other parts of the house.

Social Spots

These are specifically the areas where your guests have spent most of the time. Such as dining halls and living rooms. These will also be the areas that are the dirtiest. Pick up anything that may cause blockages inside the vacuum cleaner. These may include cans, coins, and walnuts. Pick up fallen objects and restore them to their designated place. Observe the place carefully for stains of spilt beverages and food and remove them. Then use the vacuum cleaner.


Change the bedcovers. Properly dust the room and clean away the stains if there are any. Vacuum the room.


Apart from the social areas, the next place that you will the messiest are the bathrooms. In order to get them squeaky clean. Remove all the solid waste material and then apply disinfectant. Wash and scrub all the floors, walls, faucets and sinks. Put all the drapes and towel in the laundry and replace with clean ones.


Remove all the debris from the backyard. Make sure that there aren’t any cans and empty bottles rolling about or broken pieces of glass.

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