Eight Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning Is Necessary

At NYC Steam Cleaning, we place a strong emphasis on “green” cleaning and eco-friendly products. In this article, we want to explain why Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning is effective, unique, and necessary for the well-being of your home. We also want to encourage readers to master green cleaning habits for daily or weekly furniture, carpet, mattress, and tile maintenance.

Remember, steam cleaning alone isn’t enough to keep your home properly maintained. You’ll also need to purchase your own products and come up with your own cleaning schedule. Supplement this schedule with annual or biannual steam cleaning with a professional team of experts. If these experts don’t use eco-friendly products, don’t walk away – run.

Put all of these pieces together, and you’ve created the spitting image of a healthy home. Just don’t forget, it takes physical labor and manual maintenance to truly prolong the lifespan of your furniture, flooring, and tile.

With that being said, here are eight reasons why we love Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning:

  1. Green cleaning is safe for your family. You’ll never have to worry about endangering your children, siblings, parents, or spouse with unsightly chemicals, gases, and toxins. Steam cleaning is about removing pollutants and dangerous substances from your home, not making them more prominent. We believe Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning is the only proven way to steam clean correctly.
  2. Eco-friendly materials keep your pets healthy. If you have a beloved dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig, safe cleaning materials are your friend. You wouldn’t want Fido inhaling harsh chemicals or toxins while sniffing the floor, would you? You wouldn’t want Fluffy napping on a rug filled with harmful substances, lest he becomes dangerously ill. The easiest way to avoid these problems? Green cleaning methods that guarantee the safety of all your loved ones, even those with four legs.
  3. Green cleaning is great for the environment. This is perhaps the most obvious reason to invest in Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning. We all want to improve the quality of the environment around us, especially in big cities like New York. We want our air to feel cleaner, or water to taste better, and our ozone layer to stay safely intact. Green cleaning is an easy, nonpartisan way to get involved in the movement.
  4. Your furniture, carpet, hardwood, and tile will last longer. With less necessary toxins and harmful pollutants involved in the cleaning process, the materials in your home will last longer than ever. Don’t believe us? Test the matter in your own home. Have one or two rooms cleaned with non-eco-friendly products. Then, have the same number of rooms cleaned with eco-friendly products. Over time, monitor the cleanliness and lifespan of material in each room. You’ll see the difference for yourself.
  5. Experts recommend green, natural products. If you don’t trust this article, trust the experts that back Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning. These experts note that green products are superior in all categories – including environmental influence, steam cleaning quality, furniture cleanliness, and resident safety. There is absolutely no reason, other than perhaps a slightly lower cost, to stick with potentially dangerous chemicals and materials.
  6. Your home will feel cleaner. This is another matter that can be tested through comparison. You don’t need to hire two separate companies to settle the score, either. Simply purchase non-eco-friendly cleaning supplies for one room and eco-friendly supplies for another room. Within a month, the difference will become distinct. Your home feels cleaner when you take advantage of green products. It’s just that simple.
  7. The air will seem fresher. Air quality is such an important thing in New York City. The problem extends into other large cities throughout the country (and the world). If you want to maintain a quality breathing experience in your home, eliminate fresh air problems by using eco-friendly products at all times. Clean air encourages healthy habits, better sleep, and more productive days. It also keeps your brain and body intact. Don’t take chances with air quality. Invest in a solution that works for everyone.
  8. Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning materials come with the most experienced steam cleaners. Since most reputable steam cleaning companies are competitive, employees are required to take a series of courses and become certified professionals. For example, our specialists are IICRC Certified. IICRC sets the standards for inspection, cleaning, and restoration services – ultimately recommending green cleaning solutions for all steam cleaning needs.

When you choose NYC Steam Cleaning for your cleaning needs, you’ll work with a team of certified professionals who are prepared to offer advice, impress your guests, and keep your home safe from unnecessary pollutants and toxins. Call (888)-245-1199 or fill out a contact form on nycsteamcleaning.com for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you, soon!

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