Going Green: Tile and Grout Cleaning

For being places that are so often used, our kitchens and bathrooms need extra amount of attention when it comes to keeping them clean. Even if these areas of the house do not necessarily get a lot of traffic, other issues like for example, a leaking pipe may cause stains on your tiles! Either way, no matter what the cause of the damage to the tile and grout may be it is essential that you take appropriate steps to maintain them.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, one of the biggest problems we face is regarding the chemicals in the products. Most of the times the chemicals are too harsh and they end up doing the surfaces more damage than good. Luckily, we have some tips that you can use to clean your tile and grout surfaces without having to worry about any harmful chemicals as these tips are 1oo% natural!

Lemon Juice/ Vinegar and Baking Powder:

Tip number one is to combine equal parts of lemon juice and baking soda. Make a paste and using a brush, put this paste on the stains that you spot on the grout or even on the tiles. Let the mixture stay on the spot for a while and then wash it with clean water. Alternatively you may use vinegar instead of lemon juice and apply it on the problem areas.

Both lemon juice and vinegar are age old tips to use the most stubborn of stains and marks. While we do not recommend them to remove stains from hardwood floors or rugs, we totally recommend them to be used on a tiled surface. Make it a part of your weekly routine to clean your tiles using this simple mixture and you will notice just how cleaner your tiles become overtime.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Do not let a grey, brown or even a black colored grout get you down for simply by using hydrogen peroxide you can get your nasty colored grout to turn into its original color: pure white. However, if the original color of your grout was something other than white than you might want to reconsider using hydrogen peroxide to clean it because at the end, it will turn your dirty grout into a clean, but white one.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely regarded as one of the most powerful bleaching agents. In order to clean a grout with it, take a spray bottle and fill it with half parts of hydrogen peroxide and fill the remaining half with water. Shake well. Spray this solution onto the grout and then rub the surface using a lint free cloth.

The best part about this tip is that you can store this solution in the spray bottle and use it whenever you feel like the grout needs to be cleaned. Just remember to keep the bottle away from getting direct sunlight. If you notice any mildew or mold growing somewhere, this solution may be used to get rid of them as well.

Hydrogen peroxide will make you forget using chlorine based bleaches which are loaded with chemicals that can be dangerous.

These two tips will prove to be very effective in cleaning the tile and grout in your house. However, in some cases these your bathrooms or kitchens may require a more intense thorough cleaning. And in those situations you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. Many companies offering professional cleaning services know just how to clean the tile and grout to give you the sparkling kitchen and bathroom that you deserve!

NYC Steam Cleaning Services is one such professional cleaning service company that will not only deep clean your kitchens and bathrooms, but will also cover the cleaned surfaces with a protective seal so that the results can stay on for longer. You will get to enjoy stain and mildew free tiles and grouts for up to two years!

Now that is something to look forward to. Your best bet would be to have a professional cleaning service company come in every once in awhile and clean your bathrooms and kitchens for you. When they are done, you can maintain the results by using one of the two tips mentioned above as a part of your daily cleaning routine. You do not have to clean the tiles every day, but let us say every other weekend you may use some of that hydrogen peroxide spray on a stain that you have spotted.

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