Emergency Care Tricks For Oriental Rugs

Let’s face it, Oriental carpets are some of the best investment in terms of home decoration you could probably make. Not only are they excellent pieces of decoration that complete any style, but they are also genuine works of art in their handmade, naturally dyed form. They are heirloom pieces that many families choose to pass down from generation to generation, they are extra durable, and their value will only increase over the years. If you own one of these hand-knotted masterpieces, you would probably like to learn how to handle unavoidable and highly unfortunate events such as staining and spilling.

To come to your help, here are a few of the most efficient emergency care tips for homeowners dealing with nasty – and preferably fresh – stains, spills and spots. For any immediate cleaning or drying emergency, we invite you to get in touch with our customer support and let us send over a nearby IICRC-certified technician.

How To Handle Emergency Pet Waste Stains  

    • Pet accidents are a common occurrence in most households. As careful as we might try to be, sometimes dogs and cats are left alone for too long, and they punish us by marking their territories on the carpets and sofas we love so much. While we can’t stay mad on them for too long, we definitely need to move as fast as possible and try to eliminate the stains before they permanently damage our Oriental carpets.
    • Pet urine is usually acidic, which makes it stain the grass in your yard and turn it yellow. In other words, the natural dyes in your Oriental rug could be significantly affected by it. The longer the urine stays embedded within the fibers of the rug, the more harm it will do. As soon as you notice a fresh stain of urine on your rug, grab a paper towel or a clean cotton wipe and start removing the liquid. Pull out as much of the urine as possible and prevent it from changing the chemical composition of the carpet. Mix together some water and white vinegar and try to clean as much of the urine as you can. If this doesn’t work, you could try making the area wet again using a small amount of water bu pouring it outside the stain’s perimeter. Move toward the center and make sure the urine does not spread into a wider circle. Let the water get into the fibers and work its magic for about a minuted, then start blotting it again.
    • Stay away from enzyme urine removers you would usually use on your wall-to-wall carpeting, as you will risk severely damaging your wool Oriental carpets.

How To Handle Coffee Or Wine Spills

Don’t worry, coffee spills happen to the best of us, and the same goes for pretty much anything else ranging from wine to paint. We’re either not paying enough attention to what we’re doing, we have playful kids and pets running around the house, the home renovators fail to properly protect the floors and furniture and the list goes on.

Once the harm is done, you will need to start focusing on how to accurately remove most of the spilling from the carpet as soon as you notice it. It might be still fresh, a little damp or dry. A fresh, wet coffee or coolaid spill should be immediately blotted with the help of paper towels. Use plain water to further dilute the stain if needed. Use a quarter of liter of water for bigger stains and a smaller amount for smaller pills. Try to avoid soaking the carpet into water so you can prevent further damage. Avoid using any spot removers that you usually go to when you need to clean other types of carpets and rugs.

Remember to carefully read the washing/care instructions on the label. Most Oriental carpets are hand-dyed and the will bleed when washed with large amounts of water or any water at all. To be on the safe side, talk to a professional carpet cleaner and ask for advice or schedule a professional cleaning session.

Do your best to get as much air as possible beneath your wet rug so it can air dry hassle-free. Use a fan or direct sunlight, if possible. Just make sure not to cause the colors to fade in the area around the wet spill that needs to be dried.

Emergency Care For Flooded Oriental Carpets

Old water pipes that have not been replaced or fixed for decades are always at risk of exploding when you least expect it. If it happens while you are away on a vacation and your furniture and carpets remain drenched in water for a few days, you are likely to come home and witness a small disaster. If your Oriental carpet is a quality one, chances are a few days of sitting in the water will not harm it to the point of no recovery.

Just to make sure your carpet worth thousands of dollars will not suffer any staining or broken fiber issues, we warmly advise you to pick up the phone and call expert Oriental rug cleaners. NYC Steam Cleaning is here to assist you with your every carpeting need, no matter how simple or complex. We can remove the water from your affected carpets, clean them using steam cleaning, dry cleaning and other non-harmful procedures, and make sure all the dyes, patterns and fringes stay right where they belong.

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