How to Freshen Up Your Bedroom in A Few Easy Steps

A bedroom is a personal sanctuary where you can wind down after a hectic day. This is the place where you can get rid of all your tensions after a hectic day or find peace on a rainy day by staying put. A cup of tea and a good book and your bedroom can be the most peaceful sanctuary there is. It can also be the place where you can hang out with your friends, have sleepovers with your sisters or get ready for your own wedding.

There is nothing more inviting than a fresh, clean smelling bedroom that is decorated according to your preference and whims and portrays the perfect, intricate picture of tranquility. A fresh and clean bedroom is a welcomed treat after a busy day. Even the smallest effort on your part can help you freshen up your bedroom; you can either just change the sheets or put freshly laundered sheets on your beds.

Plumping up your pillows, putting fresh flowers on the nightstand or just letting in some sunlight and fresh air can make a huge difference. When you enter your bedroom, you should be able to feel relaxed. Keeping your bedroom fresh and clean are the first few steps in making that happen. An airy feel, a clean look and a pleasant smell can help you feel refreshed and happy to be in your own personal space. To ensure that your bedroom is always in pristine condition, here are our top tips.

A Dose of Freshness

The best and most uncomplicated way to start the process of freshening up your bedroom is to change your sheets. Frayed and discolored sheets will not do anything to elevate your mood. That is why most people spend so much money to buy decorative pieces, or even a new headboard.

What they don’t know is that the most affordable way to update the whole look of your bedroom is to buy new, eye-catching bed sheets and linens. They can make all the difference in the world. However, once you do that, you should clean and wash them regularly with a scented detergent to help them stay fresh. The moment you wind down and lay your head on the sweet-smelling pillow, you will definitely thank us.

The Mattress Matters

Although it is hidden beneath layers of linens, professionals recommend clean it on a regular basis. A quick consultation with our experts can help you evaluate how many times a year you will need to steam clean your mattress. A clean mattress means that there are no underlying odors in your room and you will be able to avoid any health problems that can arise due to dirty mattresses and spore formation.

Let the Comforters Breathe

Take your comforters outside and let them hang in the fresh air and sunlight to air them out. This may seem like going a bit over the top but a little goes a long way. Just a couple of hours in the sun can breathe new life into your comforters. You won’t even need to wash them week after week.

Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet means that it does not have any discoloration, weird odors, stains and dust or other air-borne particles that can cause health problems. You can also use a similar approach for duvets that are seldom given any attention. Our professionals can steam clean your carpet to make it look as good as new.

Musty Drawers and Cupboards

Drawers, closets and cupboards all are quite similar in a way as they can come quite in handy due to the endless storage options that they represent. However, we often ignore cleaning the musty drawers. Spills, makeup stains, dust or other particles can cause the drawers to smell musty, making you think twice before opening them.

You can wipe them down and leave some baking soda in them overnight to help it absorb all the smell and moisture which can then be vacuumed in the morning. This way, you will be left with fresh and clean drawers without going through the hassle of scrubbing them down. You can also use the same approach for closets and can also leave some dried lavender stalks in there to make the clothes and linens smell heavenly.

Clothes and Accessories Can Be a Problem

Most of the everyday clothes can be washed regularly. When you spot a stain on any of your clothes or have worn them a couple times, they automatically land in the hamper. However, some of the clothing items you regularly use may go unnoticed. Your sneakers absorb a lot of moisture and so do your gym clothes; while the gym clothes do get washed regularly, you often ignore cleaning your sneakers.

They can become a great place for fungi to develop, and the bad odor is just the start of it all. A bad-smelling pair of sneakers can make your whole room smell gross. Air them out in the sun and let them dry. Leave little aerated pouches of baking soda in there to absorb any bad smells. Also, make sure that heavier clothing items, like overcoats and woolen dresses, are washed or dry-cleaned to get rid of any odors.

If you require any additional help with cleaning your mattress or steam cleaning your carpet or curtains, contact NYC Steam Cleaning in Brooklyn today at 1-888-245-1199.

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How to Freshen Up Your Bedroom by Following a Few Easy Steps

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An airy feel, a clean look and a pleasant smell can help you feel refreshed. To ensure that your bedroom is always in pristine shape, here are our top tips.

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