How to Keep Your Best Furniture from Getting Ruined

It is far better to be safe than sorry. Granted you might have the most expensive furniture in your house with a warranty which has it covered for many years, sometimes one which lasts a lifetime too, cheap furniture with better care can last for a longer time than a pricey one. Proper care and cleaning of all the furniture in your house will add a number of years to the life of your furniture and as an additional benefit, will also keep your house looking clean and immaculate. If you have left your furniture to sort out its own fate, than it still might not be too late to make a change.

Let’s start from today and don’t stress about it because the process will go smoothly if you stick to the following procedure:

Preparing the Furniture for a Cleaning Fest:

We have to be careful of the surrounding area of the furniture to make sure that we don’t ruin anything else while we are cleaning it. So, make sure to go through the following pre-cleaning rituals before you get started:

  • Usually, the furniture is pushed against the walls of the rooms but before cleaning it, let’s make a point to pull it back a little. It is not only the furniture that collects dust at its back. Doing so also leaves a trail on the wall and sometimes, chips the wall too. Pulling it away will keep you updated on the condition.
  • If there are things on top of the furniture, remove them so that you can reach all the nooks and crannies of the furniture.
  • Make sure that none of your furniture needs fixing and if it does, have it repaired first before cleaning it.

Taking Care of the Furniture to Prevent Deterioration:

Different kinds of furniture have different methods of taking care of them. Here’s how we can do it:

  1. Wood Furniture:

We can take care of fine quality wooden furniture keeping in mind the following guidelines:

Positioning of the Furniture:

We all have noticed how furniture gets when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. If you haven’t, then let us tell you. Its color fades and the wood becomes feeble over time. So, most importantly, you should be mindful of the positioning of the furniture. Wood has some moisture and as long as this moisture remains intact within it, the fine wood will remain standing for long. So, naturally, it makes sense to keep the furniture away from sunlight, stove, heating vents, radiators and fireplaces. If you do have to keep it under the sun, then make sure to drape the windows or the furniture to keep it from getting ruined. Also, avoid storing furniture in rooms where the climate fluctuates regularly.


There are certain things we have to be careful of when using furniture for day-to-day functions. For instance, we cannot keep a pitcher or a glass of water on wooden furniture. A hot dish, fresh out of the oven, can also do a number on your furniture. If it is necessary for you to place these dishes on the furniture, then do it by placing mats under them or using trivets to avoid direct contact with the surface.

Keeping it Dirt Free:

Make your furniture a part of your daily cleaning ritual. Wipe the furniture daily using a clean and dry piece of cloth or a wool duster to get rid of dust. In case the wood is too sensitive and might scratch with a dry cloth, spray a light spurt of water on the cloth and wipe it clean. However, in case of any spillage or staining, use a solution of water and oil soap for keeping it spick and span. Once done, wipe it off and let it dry.

Seek Professional Help;

If the furniture you are dealing with is an antique or in a very poor condition, you might need to seek out a professional to do the cleaning job. Also, if you feel like your furniture is losing its shine and requires polishing or waxing, then contact an expert. They’ll know what to do and how to do it.

  1. Upholstered Furniture:

Taking care of upholstered furniture is a bit different than taking care of a wooden one. You can use the following tips to keep it spick and span:

  • Upholstered furniture must be vacuumed regularly to keep the dust at bay. Make sure to use the right maneuvering tools so that it reaches all the inaccessible places.
  • To get rid of stains from the upholstered furniture, use safe dish washing detergent mixed with water to wipe it clean.
  1. Leather Furniture:

The trick to keeping the leather clean and to make it last long is to wipe off anything you drop on it instantly. However, leather is a bit more sensitive and any wrong cleaning solution can ruin the entire furniture. Even water should be steered clear of leather furniture. The best solution could be using a homemade solution using equal parts of vinegar and water. Nonetheless, make sure to try it out in an inconspicuous spot first.

Despite all the cleaning necessities, make sure that whatever you are doing does not affect your or your family members’ health in any way. If you or someone in your house is suffering from asthma or dust allergies, then you can take help from professionals and stay far away from all the cleaning.

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