How to Germ-Proof Your Home this Winter Season

When you have a family of your own, you have to stay vigilant and proactive when it comes to preventing your loved ones from falling prey to disease-causing germs. If you realize that your family members get sick more than an average family, its time to reconsider your hygiene and cleaning routine and to eliminate anything that might be causing them harm.

It’s essential to be warm and cozy this winter but protection against the cold alone is not going to protect you from disease-causing germs that can reproduce due to unhygienic conditions in your home. It can be a small thing, like a dusty carpet or a mildew-infested mattress, which does the trick. These small things can be the reason for ear, throat and eye infections, sinus problems, headaches and fever.

Therefore, to avoid having any diseases and to keep your family and pets healthy this winter, become the germ police and eliminate the conditions that can help the germs from re-producing or infesting your home.

A Complete Wipe Out

Some viruses have the capability to linger around for a long time and adhere to the surfaces while others are weak and can only live as long as you don’t wipe the surface. Be cautious, especially during the fall season, and regularly wipe down the surfaces of your home with an anti-bacterial cleaning mist or agent. The points that are most susceptible to germ infestation are the commonly touched places in your house, such as the door handles or knobs, refrigerator doors, toilet handles, faucets, light switches as well as the remote controls.

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to the electronic equipment and their cleaning but they can also be a great place for germs to find a home in. You won’t need to use harsh chemicals to get rid of them because, as we said earlier, they are weaker germs and can be killed with a water solution or a few drops of tea tree oil. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it to wipe down the surfaces in your homes.

Kitchen Cleaning

Although your kitchen might seem to be sparkling clean to you, underneath the clean and shiny granite countertop, mildew, germs and food-borne pathogens could have colonized. Pay special attention to cleaning the faucet handless, the sink area, inclusive of the area underneath the sink, the fridge, the oven and any other area where moisture and dampness can harbor any bacteria or germs. Cleaning sponges in the kitchen should also be regularly replaced and the kitchen sink should be immediately dried after washing dishes.

Scrub Your Bathroom Clean

If you are like most homeowners, you must clean and scrub down your bathrooms every day. However, deep cleaning a bathroom takes special skill, for which our professionals take pride in. Our special eco-friendly steam cleaning techniques can get rid of the most stubborn stains, mildew, mold and grout stains that can make your bathroom a perfect home for germs.

However, to keep the germs at bay, you must do your part and replace any moisture retaining cleaning products after every 3 months; toothbrushes are one of them. Always use a trashcan liner and change it every day. Before you put the new one on the trashcan, spray it with some cleaner and wipe it down before moving on to the next part. Always wipe around the faucets too as they can harbor germs.

Humidify Your Home

Winter air, or cold air, can feel dry, dense and heavy. If you have a fireplace, a furnace or a heating system around the house which runs 24/7, your skin may feel dry and itchy. Balancing out the lack of humidity with a humidifier can do wonders for exacerbating cold and flu.

Limit the Allergens

If you have a fireplace in your home, it produces dust and soot that can cause breathing problems. During winter, dust, dirt, snow and mist become huge problems. To prevent your family from falling prey to allergens, regularly wash your linens, throws and beddings. Wash the cracks around the windows too. Steam-clean your mattresses, curtains and carpets if someone in your family suffers from Asthma, other breathing problems or a skin issue, like Eczema and Psoriasis.

This winter, take an entirely different approach to prevent any germs or viruses from entering your home and making your family and loved ones sick. Don’t leave your family members prone to the onslaught from these germs and contact NYC Steam Cleaning in Brooklyn today at 1-888-245-1199 to do your part.

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How to Germ-Proof Your Home this Winter Season

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This winter, take an entirely different approach to prevent any germs or viruses from entering your home and making your family and loved ones sick.

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