3 Hardwood Floor Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Wood floors and hardwood in particular are highly popular when it comes to home decoration nowadays. There’s no wonder millions of people buy them every year; they are highly appealing and can add a touch of class and style to any dwelling. But did you know that hardwood floors are also hypoallergenic? Or that they can increase the market value of any property up for sale? When installing hardwood floors, you are actually making a long-term investment with positive effects on your well-being and comfort, as well as your home. So you shouldn’t think twice when faced with the choice of purchasing them.

However, like most good things in life, they have a downfall. Their cleaning and maintenance can be somewhat of a hassle, if not done the right way. Today we are going to share three of the most effective ways of cleaning your wood floors the natural way. For further assistance, you can always call a professional cleaning service and let them handle everything for you with specialized tools and cleaning products.

Hack #1: Use Vinegar And Tea

  • Yes, you read that right. You can mix in vinegar with water and use it to clean your wood floors. Be careful not to use vinegar on its own, as its high acidity could damage your flooring’s finish. That is why it is mandatory to dilute it before using it. You should never use this vinegar mix on waxed wood. First test it on a smaller and hidden surface.
  • You can also rely on black tea as a reliable natural cleaner for medium to dark hardwood floors. It also works on laminate floors. All you need to do is steep a couple of bags in boiling water, let it cool, then moisten a cloth in it and wash the floor.
  • Keep in mind that if you have recently bought new wood flooring, you will risk voiding the warranty on your purchase should you use vinegar, tea or other similar products that are approved by the floor manufacturer. It is best to get in touch with a professional cleaning service like NYC Steam Cleaning and let them handle your hardwood floors if they are brand new and you are not sure how to clean them without causing any damage or void their warranty.

Hack #2: Go Over Your Floors Every Other Day

Regular maintenance for your wood floors does require making a few small sacrifices:

  • Go over the floors with a broom or the hose attachment of a vacuum cleaner; do it quickly and make sure you pick up the surface dust and dirt.
  • This will help you maintain the floors clean a lot simpler, and save you from a lot of headache should you only clean the floors once a week.
  • If you have pets, you must be familiar with the dreadful hair shedding issue. Chances are, your sofa, bed, and floors are covered in a carpet made of hair. Even short-haired pets are known to shed a great deal. What you can do for easy floor maintenance is to brush your pets in the yard or on the balcony. Brush them gently from tail to head so you can get rid of the loose hair a lot simpler. Brooming or vacuuming the floors every other day will help you reduce the amount of pet hair and keep allergies at bay.
  • Another problem pet owners have is related to pet accidents. Treat these problems like any other floor spill – as soon as possible and with extreme care to avoid staining. If not, you will risk ruining the finish. Clean these spills by blotting them up with a cleaning rag or a microfiber cloth. Since wood tends to expand when it is wet, thanks to its natural absorbency feature, you could end up with split or warped floors.
  • If you have accidentally spilled a glass of water on the floor, you could be causing more damage than you might think. Immediately grab a cloth and blot the water up.
  • Whatever you do, never just use plain water to splash it over the floors and call it a day. Also, stay away from sponge mops, as they cannot be thoroughly squeezed out. Never leave any puddles and use the classical way of cleaning your floors, on your hands and knees. You will gain full control over the amount of water you will be using.

Hack #3: Sand Your Floors

  • If your hardwood floors are badly damaged or have become permanently stained, you will need to sand in for the refinishing.
  • Keep in mind the method is more complicated to put into practice than you might think. So it might be better to hire professional hardwood cleaners for the job.
  • Do not use oil or waxes or you will risk leaving residues or creating slippery surfaces.
  • Stay away from ammonia and abrasive cleaners as they will scratch the finish.
  • Focus on using floor-cleaning products or opt for soap and water if you will risk violating the floor’s warranty by using a product recommended by the floor finisher.

For any simple or more complex hardwood floor cleaning needs, get in touch with NYC Steam Cleaning and let the pros take care of everything for you at affordable rates and fast speeds. Get a free estimate today!

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