Properly Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

You are probably well versed on DIY cleaning jobs for tile flooring, carpeted flooring, and laminate flooring. However, you may have never dared to venture near the hardwood section. Except now, there is this big renovation project coming up and hardwood flooring is involved.

Do not give up on the idea of getting hardwood floors for your house just because you are not sure how you are going to keep it all clean. You will be surprised to know that the qualities of hardwood floors do not end at being aesthetically appealing and sturdy. Hardwood flooring is pretty easy to clean.

Vacuum Everyday

The routine maintenance of your hardwood flooring includes using the vacuum every day so that dust and bits of dirt are picked up and don’t get stamped or accumulate in the small nooks of the floor. If you don’t have time to vacuum, a dust mop serves the same purpose.

Good vacuuming maintains the appearance of the floors. Make use of an attachment with a felt surface or a brush that is aligned with the floor. Attachments with rotating brushes and beater bars scratch the finish. You can also disengage the beater bar. If you want to minimize the usage of a vacuum, make use of a microfiber sweeper.

Wax Hardwood Flooring Once Every Year

Plain old mopping is not for the hardwood floors. Spills should be wiped up right away and mopping should be substituted with an annual waxing practice. This is much better than bothering with your daily mopping routine.

There is no limit to the amount of wax you can use, especially if you want to thicken the coat of wax on the floor. The finish on the floor is usually Polyurethane, for which there are special wax formulas. However, if it’s a different finish, an all-purpose floor restorer works just as well. You can test the restorer as well to ensure that it won’t peel off.

Water and the Rain

Make sure that when it rains, the water does not seep into the hardwood floors. Water can penetrate into the wood and permanently mark it with a stain. Close your windows when you are expecting it to rain.

Wood Cleaners

You can find a quality wood floor cleaner in lots of places. These are perfect for cleaning small spills as and when you see them. First, wipe it with a cloth and then, apply the cleaner on the area on the wooden surface.

Use Area Rugs

Areas that are high traffic zones wear down faster than the rest of the flooring. The best and easiest way to cut down on this wear and tear is to make use of area rugs which protect the finish on the floor. Make sure that the rugs you use for this do not have backings. Backings made from rubber or vinyl trap moisture and stain the wood.

Sometimes, Tea Helps

A cool DIY trick for adding a nice shine to the hardwood floor is to apply tea on it. Boil water and let it simmer with tea bags in it. The Tannic acid which this tea creates adds a pretty shine to hardwood floors.

No Vinegar

You may have read in a lot of places that vinegar is actually great for cleaning surfaces and removing stains. Even if you dilute vinegar in water, vinegar will take off hardwood flooring’s finish and make it dull.

Use Long Walk-Off Doormats

Doormats are a great help. A walk-off mat that is 4 feet long will help keep dirt contained. While you are vacuuming and spot cleaning, make sure you vacuum under the mat.

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