Is Hardwood Easier To Maintain Than Carpet

If you are thinking about installing new floor coverings in your home, then it is important to understand how to maintain the surfaces. When you have hardwood floors, you will struggle to care for the surfaces to eliminate the scratches from debris that is carried in on everyone’s shoes. In addition, hardwood tiles and planks don’t absorb moisture, so if you have floors made of walnut or oak, then you will need to mop the surfaces constantly in order to remove any rainwater or melting snow. To cope with the moisture on floors along with preventing injuries from falling on the wet surfaces, you will probably need to use multiple area rugs. These area rugs will often slip on the hardwood flooring, or you will need to take the items outside to remove a buildup of debris.

It Is Easier To Damage a Hardwood Floor In a Busy Home

Hardwood requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from degrading from rough particles of gravel, preventing discolorations from moisture and repairing any loose boards. If you have pets in your home, then a dog’s toenails can scratch the hardwood surface. When a pet has an accident on the hardwood floors, the debris can bleach or stain the surface, requiring you to sand the planks completely to remove the discoloration and odor. A hardwood floor isn’t a warm surface to walk on in the winter, and you will need to wear shoes or slippers to keep your feet warm. However, you won’t want to wear certain types of shoes because the heels and soles can damage the surface of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Requires Specialized Cleansers and Cleaning Tools

When you have a hardwood floor, there is a long list of things that you can’t do to keep it clean and attractive, including using basic household cleansers such as dish detergent or oil soap. You will need to buy expensive specialized cleansers and tools to clean your hardwood flooring, and if there is any dust on the surface, then it may look horrible. If you want to move furniture such as a couch around a room, then you must protect the hardwood floor from dents and scratches. When you have children in your home, you will need to use caution while they play with toys because the items can damage the hardwood flooring surfaces.

Carpeting Is Easier To Maintain On a Daily Basis

Alternatively, carpeting is much easier to maintain, and it has additional benefits such as costing less along with having numerous textures or colors to choose from at local stores. You can maintain your home’s carpets easily on a daily basis by using a soft cloth to absorb a beverage spill or the water from a guest’s shoes. Your children can play on a home’s carpets without worrying about creating ugly scratches, and you won’t need to worry about them falling on a slippery hardwood surface. If a family pet makes a mess on the carpeting, you can use common household cleansers to remove the debris and odor immediately.

It Is Faster and Easier To Vacuum a Home’s Carpeting

Carpets keep your home’s floors warm and comfortable to walk on, and if you want to move the furniture in a bedroom or living room, then it is an easier process because you don’t need to protect the floor. You will probably only need to vacuum your home’s carpets once a week, and it is easier for your teenage children to perform this chore without worrying about them scratching a hardwood floor planks or tiles. Wall-to-wall carpets also create a quieter environment in your home because you can’t hear loud footsteps or other household noises.

You Can Call a Carpet-cleaning Technician to Steam Clean Your Home’s Carpeting

When you want to have your home’s carpets steam cleaned to remove any deeply embedded debris and stains, it is easy for you to call a nearby carpet-cleaning company that has specialized equipment and detergents. Steam cleaning is a fantastic way to clean your home’s carpets because it doesn’t require a lot of moisture that can lead to wet fibers that require several hours to dry. You won’t need to cope with a wet carpet that can develop a mildew odor or mold growth.

Steam Cleaning a Home’s Carpeting Eliminates Pathogens and Foul Odors

In addition, the heat from the steam will eliminate dangerous pathogens such as bacteria, mold spores and dust mites. The technicians working for a carpet-cleaning company will analyze your carpet’s fibers to choose the right detergent for the wool or acrylic materials. Before cleaning the entire carpet, you can have the stains pretreated with specialized cleansers to remove food debris or pet stains. You can also have a home’s carpets deodorized to remove the foul odors from pet stains or cigarette smoke.

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