Our Eleven Step Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide

Many Manhattan home owners have trouble keeping their home clean on a regular basis, especially when family members and/or roommates refuse to help with their share of Manhattan Home Cleaning. If you’re reaching the point of no return, try following our eleven step Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide. With a little planning and some careful consideration, you’ll find yourself moving forward in a matter of weeks.

1. Consult a Team of Experts

Before you put any official rules or regulations in place, we suggest speaking with a team of experts about your concerns. It may help to have an expert look around your home to determine possible problem spots and areas that need significant improvement. Remember to heed the instructions of experts. You might know your home, but they can be a resourceful Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide.

2. Make a List

Once you’ve spoken with an expert, make a list of the areas in your home that need cleaning on a regular basis. This list should be all-inclusive, from daily vacuuming to weekly dusting and mopping. It should also be room-specific. Consider this your personal Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide. It will help you organize a schedule in later steps.

3. Divide and Conquer

Now that you’ve made a list of everything that needs to be done, sit down with your roommates and/or family members and determine who is responsible for what list items. Everyone should share a fair amount of the work, with no single person doing more than anyone else. This eliminates resentment, which ultimately keeps cleaning from being done.

4. Hold Your Roommates and Family Members Responsible

As you meet with your housemates, talk about consequences and rewards for good (or bad) behavior. Will failure to clean result in grounding or other punishment? Will proper cleaning result in a prize, such as movie tickets or candy? It usually helps to add an incentive, rather than to threaten a punishment.

5. Take Pictures

When your home is perfectly clean (perhaps after a steam cleaning), take pictures of each room from multiple angles. These photos will help you – and your housemates – determine what each room should look like regularly. If you notice your home is a far cry from the pictures you’ve taken, get in touch with a group of steam cleaners to set it straight. All responsible parties should split the necessary cost of cleaning.

6. Create Goals

With your housemates, create a list of goals and expectations. In other words, write down what aspects of your home you would like to see improve. You should add a timeline to each goal, narrowing down how long your “team” has to accomplish it.

7. Question Guests and Frequent Visitors

If you aren’t sure whether or not progress is being made as you follow your Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide, ask guests or frequent visitors how they feel about the cleanliness of your home. This is usually the best source of constructive criticism available to you throughout this process.

8. Use Eco-Friendly Products

As time goes on, considering switching to eco-friendly products. This will improve the safety of your cleaning and the overall health of your home. We do not recommend using toxic chemicals in your bathroom, your kitchen, or your dining room. Eventually, you should eliminate all potentially toxic chemicals from your cleaning program.

9. Rotate Your Focus

Each week, rotate your focus to a new room or task. If you feel discouraged, you can turn to this room or task as an example of your improvement. Keep this room is pristine condition throughout the week. You can suggest each housemate choose a room of their own to sweeten the deal.

10. Never Stop Improving

Eventually, you may begin to get lazy with your home cleaning. Standards inevitably drop as time passes and your housemates care less and less. Never stop improving your Manhattan Home Cleaning Guide. Add new ideas, tasks, and prizes to hold the interest of involved parties.

11. Have Your Home Steam Cleaned Regularly

You should have your entire home professionally steam cleaned every twelve months. Certain things, like area rugs, should be cleaned every six months. Choose a team of steam cleaners that you trust – and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

At NYC Steam Cleaning, we specialize in hardwood floors, carpet, tile, grout, furniture, mattresses, water removal, air ducts, and more. We’re here to help safely and efficiently, with no hidden fees or expectations.

For more information about NYC Steam Cleaning and the services we offer, call our team at (888)-245-1199. You can also visit our website and fill out a contact form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, in addition to providing a free quote for your home.

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