No Use Beating Around the Rug

We, at NYC Steam Cleaning, are the experts when it comes to rugs. Our knowledge is unmatched when it comes to rug cleaning. That is one reason why people living outside our current coverage area – Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York – often ask about our secrets.

They already know that the way we clean rugs not only gets them clean but also prolongs the life of those rugs. Here are some of our secrets that will help you keep your rugs. However, we do recommend that you let the pros at NYC Steam Cleaning do that for you.

Secrets to Clean Rugs

Vacuum up to High Heaven

Any rug cleaner worth their salt will know that the hype surrounding hot water extraction is not undeserved but totally secondary. The first thing and one of the most important steps when it comes to cleaning rugs is vacuuming. Aim to get as much dirt out of the rug with your vacuum as you can! Since a professional rug cleaner will have an industry-grade vacuum cleaner that vacuums the rugs up to high heaven, what you need to do at home is invest in the best vacuum you can afford. Vacuuming should be done at least twice a week. Take your time and be thorough.

Rinse Your Hands Off of It

Oriental rug cleaning has to be done with care. While many rug owners understand that washing their rugs may be important, they ignore the rinsing part. If you do not rinse the rug properly, there will be detergent left behind. A DIY rug shampooer with a lot of detergent will cause more harm than good.

Stop It!

It would be a smart thing to avoid the need for rug cleaners by taking simple precautions. Accidental spills aside, long-term is the major factor that causes rugs to get dirty. How can you prevent dirt and grime from building up in your house? One of the easiest ways of doing that is to stop wearing outdoor shoes once you are inside the house. Those shoes of yours are the biggest cause of most of the dirt in your carpet because you track it in!

Let the Pros Handle It

While it may look, as if you could manage the job of cleaning your rugs by renting a steam cleaner and purchasing detergents, don’t! For a rug that is truly clean, seek out a professional. Here are just a few of the reasons why they would know best how to clean a rug.

There is a world of difference between washing and steam cleaning! The latter uses hot water and in order to make your rugs achieve a clean surface look. When you wash your rugs at home, you over-saturate them. A rug would take a day or two to dry but at that time, they provide the perfect setting for all kinds of mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. The detergent that you will use will often leave a residue behind. The residue will attract dirt, making your rug get dirty again!

[su_pullquote]When you clean a rug at home, another important thing that you are missing out on is chem-dry. This process of rug cleaning used by professionals will ensure that your rugs are completely clean for longer.[/su_pullquote]

Of all the professional rug cleaners out there, here is why we are the perfect choice:

  • If you are a dog owner, then you already know what the wet dog smell can do to an enclosed space! When you let us clean for you, the rug will be dry as a bone!
  • There are many rug cleaning services out there. However, if you want your rugs to be really clean, then you need to trust us with them. Our way of cleaning ensures that it penetrates to the very base and removes dirt and grime that most vacuums will miss.
  • We provide you with the greenest of solutions. No, we are not talking about the green of jealousy, money, or hulk! We mean that when you let us clean your rugs, your home will be healthier too. Our solution is ecofriendly and that means it is completely safe and non-toxic.

So, before you start looking for the tool belt that houses all your DIY home improvement tools, you may want to think about it. An oriental or Persian rug is not something to be trifled with. It needs to be treated with all the love and respect that it deserves. Let us help you do that!

To get in touch with us right away, all you need to do is click on this link and fill out the smallest of forms. After that, we guarantee that your rugs will be in the safest of hands!

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