Prevent Water Damage in Your Home with 6 Easy Tips

You must have heard the phrase ‘precaution is better than cure’; this is exactly what you need to apply when it comes to preventing your home from water damage. It can be caused by heavy rains, floods, broken pipelines, leakages or even clogged sewers. Water damage tends to devalue your home leading to hefty expenses spend on the repair and restoration. Therefore it is important to save yourself from the hassle by avoiding water damage in the first place. Don’t know how to prevent your home from water damage? Here are 6 easy tips to help you do the job!


  • Don’t underestimate small leaks

Do you face minor leakages anywhere in your home but you tend to ignore those little water drops? If yes, then start paying attention to every minor leakage right away! Underestimating small leaks is one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners. Don’t ignore even a single drop that leaks around your freezer, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners or other appliances. People often overlook the fact that these small leaks can lead to major water damage especially when the water hits the electronic appliances. Moreover, the humidity makes way for the mold to grow on the surface leading to numerous health issues. Thus, pay attention to every minor leakage before it turns out to be a major disaster.

  • Shut off the main water supply valve when going out

It’s always advisable to shut off the main water supply valve whenever you are leaving the home, no matter if you are going for a long holiday or somewhere nearby. It’s difficult to check each and every tap and see if it is properly closed or not, this is when shutting off the main water valve works for you. This will prevent any probable leakages in the pipes even if any of the taps are left open by mistake. In addition to this, you must also shut off the valve which is connected to the washing machine in order to avoid any sort of water overflow when you are away from home.

  • Install separate valves for smaller pipes

However, shutting off the central valve is the best solution to prevent any possible water leakages, but then shutting it off every time there’s a leakage in the pipe, becomes a hassle. Therefore, it is better to install separate valves for small pipes that lead to the toilets, sinks and even outside your home. Toilet and kitchen pipelines are prone to leakages every now and then, so you can easily shut off the individual valves rather than shutting off the central water supply.

  • Pay attention to your water bills

Unlike other utility bills, water bills tends to remain constant so if you feel there’s a sudden increase in your water bills, that means that the water is being used than the usual amount. It is most likely to happen due to any leakages in your pipelines you may have ignored. So next time you get higher bills, don’t forget to look out for water damage!

  • Keep a check on your roof gutters

Homeowners often tend to neglect the roof gutters since the day they are installed. But just like other parts of your home, your roof gutters also needs attention time and again. You must keep a constant check on the gutters because they gets filled up with mess like leaves, sticks, bird’s nest and anything that is up there on the roof. These things clog the roof gutters which ultimately lead to major water damage by spilling out water into the house. You must pay attention to the roof gutters on rainy days as well because this is when the gutters get clogged up the most causing more spills and damage. So next time you see water overflowing from the gutters, make sure to check the blockage!

  • Don’t let the grease go down the sink

You must avoid pouring grease down the kitchen sink! Why? Because greasy solutions adhere to the pipelines leading to the clogging of the pipes and once the grease is poured down the sink nothing can restore the damage, not even flushing out the sink. However, you can use dishwashing detergent to dissolve the grease before it enters into the drain. This trick may help but there’s still no guarantee whether the grease will stick to the pipes or not. So it’s better to avoid the risk and prevent the grease from getting in contact with the drainage system.

Acquire professional water restoration services

Are you getting higher water bills or feel that there’s a decrease in the water pressure? If yes, then there are high chances that your home has been hit by water damage and it’s time to call for a professional help! A licensed water restoration company has the understanding and training about various restoration techniques to bring your home back to its original condition. We at NYC steam cleaning uses advanced equipment for fast water restoration to make your property all spick and span again. Therefore, if you experience any water damage in your home, just dial1-888-245-1199 and a team of trained professionals will visit your home to analyze the damage and advice the water restoration process accordingly.

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