How to Clean Grout

Cleaning grouts is perhaps the most troublesome chore you may have to accomplish. Even saying the word “grout” out loud makes one feel grumpy, doesn’t it? But don’t you just love to walk on the floors that are spick and span. Let the charm of immaculate floors motivate you to execute the toughest and unpleasant house cleaning activity ever. You may have noticed that despite mopping the tiled floors with extreme care, they still do not look neat enough. Well, this is probably because the grouts have not been scrubbed properly. Grouts are porous because of which unsealed ones soak up all sorts of stains, making the cleaning process even harder.

We have come up with some tips and methods to make the job of cleaning grouts less strenuous. So read on to find out how you can simply grout cleaning.

Spontaneous Reaction

In case of a spillage, you must always act promptly. Whether it is a sauce, food morsels, wine or juice, you must clean away the stains before they get absorbed by the permeable grouts. Taking immediate action might save you from a lot of hassle later on.

Appropriate Tools

Before we jump on to the cleaning methods, it is essential that you have the necessary brush to clean off the mess. Most of the times you cannot achieve the desired results for you do not have a purposely designed grout cleaning brush.

Home Remedies for Unclean Grouts

Oxygenated Bleach:

Your safest bet with colored grout is oxygenated bleach. Colored grout must be cleaned with special care. Since oxygenated bleach does not possess discoloration and corrosive agents like chlorine, you may consider it to be appropriate. The oxygen molecules in the bleach attack the stain particles and reduce them into smaller chunks. This is how you can clean grout with oxygenated bleach:

  • Perform initial surface cleaning by wiping away residues and leftovers and wait for it to dry off.
  • Then prepare a mixture by dissolving a couple of tablespoons of oxygenated bleach in two cups of tepid water.
  • Soak the mixture for a few minute before pouring it on the floor but make sure that all the grout lines are covered fully.
  • The scrub the portion with a nylon bristled brush in gentle circular motion.
  • Don’t forget to clean the corners and edge to avoid accumulation of dirt.
  • Apply a paste of oxygenated bleach on the grout if the dirt does not come off easily and let it stay for a few minutes before washing with water.

Vinegar/ Water and Baking Soda:

Another effective way to clean grout is making a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or water.

    • Prepare a paste by adding three parts of baking soda in single part water.
    • Beware of using vinegar when cleaning grouts of natural stone tiles like limestone for it can harm the stone.
    • You can apply the paste with you gloved fingers.


    • Then make 1 by 1 solution of vinegar and baking soda and squirt it on the paste that you earlier applied on the grouts.
    • The bubbling will indicate that the stain molecules are being targeted by the solution.
    • After the bubbling stops, grab a scrub and rub the floor.
    • Then use water to clean the entire floor before mopping it dry.


    Hydrogen peroxide:

    You may prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water by adding each in the ratio of 1:2 parts respectively. Fill an empty spray bottle with the solution and keep it in close proximity so that whenever a spillage occurs, you can immediately spray it on the grouts and then rub the floor with hard-bristled brush. Let it remain for a quarter of an hour or so before wiping it clean. You can incorporate this tactic into your monthly cleaning schedule as well.


    You can procure a steam cleaner for cleaning grouts effectively. Because there is no utilization of chemicals, the steam also sanitizes the floor whilst cleaning away the grout and mildews just the same. Heat the steam cleaner and then rub the brush over the grout. Afterwards dry the floor with a mop to remove the dampness. Just keep in mind that steam cleaners tend to take away the sealant so if you are using it to clean the grouts make sure that you apply the sealant necessarily.

    Apply Grout Sealer

    When the grout has dried completely, you may apply a grout sealer. This is to prevent harm caused by stains left behind by spillages in the future.

    Acquire Professional Assistance

    If you are still unable to clean those impeachable and resolute grouts yourself, it is high time you get NYC Steam Cleaning’s professional services. Our service men are highly qualified and make used of customized solutions depending upon the flooring materials. So you don’t have to worry about your ceramic, natural stone or porcelain tiles fading or discoloring after the cleaning process. And it is not just that, after cleaning the grout, we also add a protective layer of a commendable sealant as well which can provide protection against staining and even mildew for a couple of years. NYC Steam Cleaning takes full responsibility for the work done and guarantees the service as well. So let us deal with the cumbersome task of cleaning grouts and be assured that nothing can go wrong. Take hold of your phone and dial 1-888-245-1199 and ask for a free quote.

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