How to Properly Maintain Tile Floors

If you have new tile floors, congratulations! We know just what you can do to keep it looking brand new. Even if you have an old floor that needs to be revitalized, we have the knowledge to help. Tiles are famous for their qualities of being water resistant and super easy to clean. If you stick to a proper maintenance routine, you can ensure that your tile floors remain in good shape, and last for a very long time.

The Basic Care

Vacuuming and sweeping floors will rid it of debris and dust before you use cleaning products. Start by using a damp mop on your floor once every week, if the tile flooring is in a high traffic area, take it up a notch by mopping two to three times a week. Dirt and soil is a major cause of wear and tear on tile floors.

The Non-Chemical Shine

You may come across products that restore shine to old tiled flooring. We are not against using these products, but there is a better way that you can maintain a glossy sheen of your tile flooring. All you have to do is mop the cleaned floor with hot water every six days. There are professional cleaning services like NYC Steam Cleaning which will use nothing more than steam to work wonders.

Glazed Tile Surface

For a glazed tile surface, clean every day with a non-oil based household cleaner which is compatible with cleaning grout joints. You can use an everyday multiple purpose spray cleaner to get rid of soap scum, and all hard water deposits, especially the mildew present in the shower, bath, and wall tiles.

Unglazed Tiles

Make sure that you use concentrated tile cleaners which offer a neutral pH. These safely get rid of spills, oils, and grease. Read the label to see what amount of application is right for what level of traffic in an area. You can clean glass tiles with nonabrasive cleaners. Usually, nonabrasive cleaners are recommended for both glass and tile.

How to Prevent Damage

When a tile breaks, replace it with a new one as soon as possible. If you don’t, dirt will lodge in the cracks, and at the same time, it may weaken the support of tiles around it. Scratched tile can usually just be buffed out. Look for a scratch repair kit at your local hardware store or online.

After you clean any tile surface with a chemical solution make sure that you rinse it one last time with water. It isn’t wood so it shouldn’t be stained or damaged. Don’t leave tile floors damp for air drying. Tile floors should be dried with a cloth; otherwise, dust could settle in and stick. By the time your next cleaning task comes around it would have deposited grime that is difficult to remove.

If you are using a sealant or cleaning powder on your tile floor, test it on a small area before you use it on the entire floor.

Heavy Protection for Your Tile Floors

If your budget allows it, you should invest in high-quality protective pads and floor mats. Position protective pads under heavy furniture for an additional protective layer on your floor. Entrances to your home are the best place to put mats. Entrances can easily accumulate corrosive substances like asphalt, grit, oil, sand, dirt, and driveway sealer. Other mats or pads should go near your sinks, stove, and refrigerator.

What Not to Do

Don’t touch cleaners that have bleach or acid in them, most people don’t know that these substances are not intended for regular use.

Avoid cleaners that are wax based and detergents that are oil based. If you decide to use one of these, ensure that these are used exclusively on grout joints.Pads made out of scouring

Steel wool should never be used on tiles.

When you’re cleaning tile that is unglazed, you should not use a cleaning agent with color.

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