Top 3 Tips For Cleaning Dirty Marble Floors

Marble tile is a natural floor surface covering that is highly praised and appreciated for its beautiful aesthetics, elegance and class. Marble is a natural stone quarried from mountains all around the world. Kings and queens throughout the history prized its splendor and incorporated it into their palaces. Marble tile homes are therefore considered a luxurious alternative for home decorations. If you want to learn more about the advantages of having marble tile installed, as well as a few cleaning hacks that will ease your efforts, check out these next few lines.

Benefits Of Marble Tile

  • If you wish to add a unique style to your home interior, marble tile makes for an excellent solution. Marble tile can immediately improve the appearance of any space. You can find it is a large variety of color mixes, sizes and shapes; opt for rectangles or triangles and create that unique mosaic you envision.
  • Given the origins of marble, you will be glad to know that every piece of marble tile is unique. In other words, no one else on the planet has the same tile as you. If you truly want to have floors that will stand out, marble is the way to go.
  • Given its natural translucence, marble tile enables light to penetrate through it slightly. The result will be an almost glowing floor when your home will be inundated by powerful sun rays. The brighter the colors on your tile, the more pronounced this amazing visual effect.
  • Marble is an excellent heat conductor; this makes it suitable for installing surface radiant heating systems. If you want to step on your marble tile and feel a rush of cozy warmth in the winter, marble it the solution. You can even achieve the opposite, cooling effect on hot, summer days by installing a radiant cooling system.

Nevertheless, as advantageous as marble tile can be, it still is a natural stone, so it needs to be carefully and regularly cleaned and maintained. This way, you will manage to prevent staining and erosion. If you are currently dealing with old, dirty marble floors, you can use a series of deep cleaning and polishing methods to get rid of stubborn stains and restore the natural shine.

Cleaning Tip #1: Tackle Dirt & Scuff Marks

Marble tile does not have the same properties as ceramic tile. This means you could risk causing damage to your marble floors by using some of the conventional cleaning products you are used to. The cleaning process is made of two parts:

  • Start by knowing how to spot clean your floors in order to get rid of the obvious dirt and scuff marks.
  • You will need mild liquid dishwashing soap and a soft cloth, plus some cold water. Apply the liquid to the microfiber cloth and gently rub the stains in the direction of the grain. Go in straight lines and remember to always test your cleaning mixes on a small and more hidden surface to make sure you will not be causing any damage to the tile.
  • Once you get rid of the stain or scuff, buff the area using a dry cloth and bring up that natural shine to the surface.

Warning: Never scrub in a circular motion, or you could risk causing serious damage to the marble tile floor.

Cleaning Tip #2: Mop The Marble Tile Periodically

  • Mop the floors periodically to keep the marble looking clean and shiny all the time and preserve it for many years to come.
  • Fill a bucket with warm water and dishwashing soap and mop the floors using a soft and clean mop. Use short and gentle strokes and mop the entire surface.
  • Remove the soap residue by mopping again using a clean bucket of water with no detergent in it.
  • Buff the floors with a clean and dry cloth made from microfiber and make your marble shine bright again.

Warning: Never let your marble tile floors dry on their own, or you will risk causing water marks.

Cleaning Tip #3: Always Check Instructions

  • Never use a new marble tile cleaning product without checking its instructions and safety guidelines first.
  • Test all of your cleaning products, be it a conventional cleaning product or a homemade one on a small and inconspicuous area first. Some items could cause damage and scratching. Rely on special marble cleaners instead of the conventional floor cleaning products.
  • Stay away from ceramic tile cleaners, or you will risk dulling your marble.

Warning: Never use any acid or alkaline products on your marble floors. Do not vacuum your marble tile as the wheels and hose could scratch the surface.

If you are not sure which cleaning products would work best for your marble tile, or you simply do not have the time to handle the deep cleaning on your own, hire a professional cleaning service. Experts like the guys at NYC Steam Cleaning specialize in the entire array of home and office cleaning services, including tile and grout cleaning. They only use specialized cleaning products that will not damage your floors, and they work with highly experienced cleaners that can leave your marble tile looking spotless and shiny 30 to 60 minutes for an average size room. Give them a call today and ask for a free estimate!

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