Tips for Taking Care of Your Furniture

Furniture is always a prized possession for people, passing over to many generations. But even the best quality furniture can become a victim of scratches, dullness and stains if left unattended. It’s better to take precautionary measures and ask for cleaning instructions while purchasing your furniture. But if your furniture has lost its shine and splendor, then scroll down for our tips and tricks to care for your furniture:

1. Don’t mishandle your furniture

Your furniture also needs the same care as other household items, so never mistreat your furniture! People often consider coasters to be useless but they don’t realize its contribution to the long life of wooden furniture. Use coasters whenever putting glasses or mugs on wooden tables. Similarly never keep hot utensils directly on the table instead place them over a trivet. Decorate your dining table with different tablecloths protecting the table from spills and stains. All these preventive measures will protect your furniture from heat damage and ring stains, increasing its longevity.

2. Prevent from sunlight damage

Is your furniture always exposed to sunlight? Shift it to another place right away! As heat is one of the major causes of furniture damage, avoid placing your expensive furniture outdoors or in front of open windows or fireplaces. Protect your furnishings from sunlight and other environmental effects because these factors can inflict havoc on wood by fading its color and reducing its durability.

3. Dust the furniture regularly

Don’t like the chore of dusting? We understand that being surrounded by dust everywhere is not pleasant at all! But dusting your furniture on a regular basis is an instant way to make your furniture glow again. Use soft fabrics, like cotton t-shirts or microfiber for dusting the furniture. Dust mites and other airborne elements form a layer of dirt on the wood, while regular dusting prevents the dust buildup.

4. Use liquid cleaners

Although dusting cleans up the wood by brushing away all the dust, but even that isn’t enough sometimes! Some sturdy stains and scratches can only be cleaned through liquid cleaners. Don’t go for all-purpose liquid cleaners as they will cause more damage to the wooden finish. If your furniture contains stains that are sticky and difficult to remove, dip a soft cloth in water mixed with mild dish washing solution. Squeeze it out and wipe the wood gently. Then rinse the area with a clean cloth dipped in water.. Lastly, clean the rinsed furniture with a dry cloth, making sure not to leave the wood damp for a long time.

5. Treat the deterioration

Wondering how to fix your damaged furniture so you don’t have to throw it away? We have the solution for you! Despite of the best care, wooden furniture is most likely to be damaged. But if the damage cannot be repaired through polishes or touch–ups, then painting a portion of the damaged furniture is your last resort! Painting the damaged wood gives it a new life and increases its longevity for years to come.

6. Re-wax the furniture

Does your furniture have a glossy finish to it? It might be the wax coating! Nowadays wooden furniture is coated with wax finish but the wax does not stay fresh for a long time. Your furnishings might require re-waxing as the wood starts to age. Make sure to wipe off the furniture and remove the residue with a clean cloth, before re-waxing. Then apply a wax coat and spread it all over with a dish washing pad. Let the wax set for about 20 minutes but not more than that. Once the coat settles down, wipe off extra wax with a clean sponge and buff the wood using a soft cloth till you get the required smoothness.

7. Remove sturdy stains

You must be sick of those white rings, water spots and crayon marks imprinted on your wooden furniture! So just relax and follow our advice:

  • For ring stains: Take a small amount of white toothpaste and mix it with equal amount of baking soda. Rub the mixture on the stain until it vanishes. Then clean the area and buff it with a soft cloth to restore the shine.
  • For dark spots: Dip a soft cloth in vinegar and blot the stain with the soaked cloth until the stain is gone.
  • For crayon marks: Apply a spoonful of mayonnaise over the marks and let it set for few minutes. Then rub the area with wet cloth and buff with dry cloth in the end.

Acquire professional cleaning services

Is furniture cleaning beyond your capacity? Don’t worry and acquire help from a furniture-cleaning pro! We at NYC Steam Cleaning are known for the best furniture cleaning services in town. Dial 1-888-245-1199 now and let our professionals take care of your furniture as we assure to reinstate your prized possession back to its former splendor!

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