The Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Christmas is that time of the year when you are more concerned about perfecting your cooking and baking skills and making comprehensive shopping lists. You have to think about a suitable menu for the party that will bring all your loved ones under one roof and picking and decorating the most perfect Christmas tree that anyone has ever seen.

Getting most of your chores done on time, without the help of a cleaning service, is just too much to ask for and even we know that. Christmas is the time of the year when you have every right to have fun like everyone else. Why should you worry about the cleaning chores to make sure your home is ready to receive guests when you have us on speed dial?

Remember the time when you were embarrassed by sudden company during Christmas time, even when you weren’t planning on it, or the condescending remarks by your mother-in-law who criticizes everything, even when you have done nothing wrong? Well, with this ultimate Christmas cleaning checklist, you can now ensure that your home is spotless and smells refreshing. No one will be able to pinpoint any unfavorable thing about your abode because they probably won’t find a single speck of dust or stain.

Clean Inside, Out!

You might be tempted to just ignore the inside of your cupboards and closets when there is so much to do on such short notice. However, our cleaning service can take care of your carpets with the assistance of our elite steam cleaning techniques. Be it floors, bathroom floors and even drapes; they will also focus on cleaning your cupboards and getting rid of any expired products in your kitchen too.

Arrange the closets and donate anything that you and family members don’t wear anymore. Christmas is the time for giving and this can be the perfect time to do so. Help those in need while deep cleaning your home. Pay special attention to kitchen cabinets and get rid of stains and spillage or get our cleaning experts involved. Label your jars and boxes to help you with the cooking later on.

Pre-Christmas Cleaning

You might want to think about getting the table linens and napkins out of the storage early on and get them washed and ironed. You might not think that it is important but stored linens are usually left with a musty smell that can destroy even the most appetizing meal and can create undesirable aromas. Make sure that the napkins, table cloths and linens for the guest bedrooms are freshly washed and ironed.

Get Ready for Receiving Guest

Christmas is a time when family and friends get together to have a lovely time. Guest bedrooms that have been empty for the better part of the year should be checked with a very keen eye to ensure that they are in the perfect condition to receive guests and house them for the remainder for their stay. You might want to stock up on cleaning products, hygiene products, washing hampers and dustbins in every room along with the festive decorations placed all around the house. This is the time to come out with the decorations and all the Christmas-y trinkets with all guns blazing because if you won’t indulge your artistic side now, when will you?

Be Organized Ahead of Time

When you think about Christmas time, you envision yourself having fun, getting dressed up in a nice outfit and serving delicious food while your guests fawn over your cooking and baking skills and open presents while everyone gushes and has fun.

In reality, you usually run around trying to clean and get the house in order.

If you don’t want to be disheveled and want to be put together and well rested this Christmas season, start the holidays by scheduling a long cleaning session with our cleaning experts who know a thing or two about deep cleaning the most problematic areas of your house. When your house is cleaned and looks like new before your guests arrive, you can get away with minimal cleaning and the tidying duty for the duration of their visit. Besides, by the time the guests arrive, you won’t be exhausted by all the cleaning. However, even without expert and professional help, you will still need to clean cutlery, glassware, crockery, extra chairs and linens.

Get in Touch!

Deep clean your home this Christmas and make sure that your home is sparkling before any of your guests step in. Contact NYC Steam Cleaning in Brooklyn today at 1-888-245-1199 to make sure your home smells fresh and clean for your Christmas get together or party because it is the time to celebrate, take delight, enjoy presents and have fun with people you love! Don’t restrict yourself with the menial task of cleaning and scrubbing and make sure you dedicate all your energy to decorating your Christmas tree to the nines!

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