Your Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is here and the scent of pumpkin pies is wafting in the air and warming our hearts. The arrival of fall brings the ultimate joy of warming your glove-covered hands on a warm cup of hot chocolate or to snuggle up with your loved one on the couch to watch a cheesy reality TV show or better yet, to simply spend a quiet evening in your sparkling home, nestled between comfortable pillows with a book in your hand and a cup of tea to delight your senses and warm you to your bones.

Fall season can bring a lot of great things. A majority of our most-loved festivals, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, arrive in the fall and winter season. When you combine that with the exceptional apparel designs and plants that thrive in winter, as a homeowner, you have a lot to do in winter season. Those who say that winter is a slow season don’t know how productive it can be. Shorter days, clean, crisp cold air and the brusque mornings and nights can be hugely different from the carefree summer days.

However, one thing remains constant, and that is the cleaning routine of your home. However, a winter cleaning checklist differs slightly from the summer one because in the fall season, you are more susceptible to falling ill or contracting cold and flu. Moreover, fall season is dry and can cause skin allergies. The lack of sunlight can also help the mildew and mold develop on the different surfaces in your homes and that can also be a huge problem to deal with.

Therefore, without further ado, we present to you our ultimate fall cleaning checklist that will be like a gift that keeps on giving.

External Fall Care Tips

  • Clean the patio furniture and try to bring all of it inside and store it in the attic or in the basement.
  • Any other things, such as toys, trampolines or kiddy pools, should also be stored for the duration of the cold season.
  • Touch up the windowpanes, rims, railings and the deck with paint. Use a wire brush to remove any paint flakes and then, use a primer to provide you with a clean slate to work with.
  • Check the condition of caulk around the windows and doors and touch up if necessary.
  • Inspect the external doors, windows and garage doors. Ensure that they are closing properly. Install door thresholds, if required.
  • Wash the exterior windows and wipe them with a water and rubbing alcohol solution to prevent the frost from sticking to them.
  • Drain garden hoses and store them after drying them.
  • Clear the debris in the garden or yard and install insulation coverings for the exterior spigots.
  • If you have a sprinkler system in a hard freeze area, make sure that it is emptied of all water.
  • Have an expert clean your chimneys and flues. Let them clean or repair them, if necessary.
  • Consider investing in heating cables in cold areas to prevent any ice dams from forming.

Internal Fall Care Tips

Clean you home from the inside with a passion that rivals Leonardo da Vinci when he was painting the Mona Lisa. Just kidding! Just make sure you don’t ignore any of these important bits and you will be good to go.

  • Deep clean your carpets to get rid of any dust, food particles and stains.
  • Steam clean your mattress and curtains as well as your bathroom and kitchen tiles with a little extra help from our professionals.
  • Focus more on the living rooms, guests bathrooms, entryways and the family rooms by dusting the walls and getting rid of any cobwebs.
  • Clean the window wells and sills.
  • Vacuum the drapes, baseboards, corners and cabinets thoroughly.
  • Empty all the kitchen cabinets and vacuum and clean them with a cleaning solution before you fill them with fall-inspired products.
  • Wash the interior widows.
  • Vacuum all upholstered furniture and wash the pillows and cushion cases.
  • Launder all your bed linens, duvets, comforters and pillows.
  • Clean the kitchen and store away all the kitchen appliances that are not currently in use. Remember that clear counters will look cleaner and more presentable. When you are baking dozens of cookies for the holiday season, you will be thankful for all the extra counter space you get as a result of doing so.
  • Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and take great care to vacuum the condenser coil as it can accumulate dust over time. Use a narrow brush to gently loosen the grime before vacuuming.
  • Empty the central vacuum’s collection area.
  • Replace the humidifier before activating your heating system.
  • Stock up on softening salts, furnace filters and drain the hot water heaters to get rid of any sediment deposits.

When all else fails and if you are too busy with work or the holiday season to get the courage to deep clean your house from top to bottom, contact NYC Steam Cleaning in Brooklyn today at 1-888-245-1199.

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Your Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

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We present to you our ultimate fall cleaning checklist that will be the gift you just can’t get enough of.

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