Six Possible Water Damage Complications and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever dealt with serious Water Damage Complications in your home? Whether these complications arose from rainwater flooding, a broken pipe, or simple overflow, there are serious repercussions when water-related problems remain unchecked.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through six possible Water Damage Complications and how to avoid them using tact, forethought, and a little preparation.

  1. Permanent Carpet Stains

If carpet isn’t cleaned relatively soon after flooding occurs, water damage can be permanent. You might wonder why. After all, carpet is often cleaned with water, right?

Homeowners often believe they can simply remove flooded water from carpeted areas and allow them to dry. Not only can this lead to mold and unsightly stains, but it can also lead to dangerous pollutants and toxins in the air.

Hard water (from floods) and soft water (used when cleaning carpet) are different in many ways. Soft water has gone through a filtration process to remove dangerous toxins, allergens, dirt, and grime. Hard water can contain almost anything, and will certainly stain your carpet.

  1. Unpleasant Odors

Even if all flood water has been removed from your home, all furniture and flooring has been properly cleaned, and all visible signs of damage have been eradicated, unpleasant odors can stick around. This means something within your home is still damaged. Trust your nose.

The cause of the odor could be flooring underneath a particularly large piece of furniture that is still damaged. It could be a piece of furniture that has been forgotten or a pile of blankets that was left on the floor during the flood. Whatever the cause, find it and fix it. The odor will quickly disappear.

  1. Damaged or Destroyed Furniture

A good piece of furniture can last for decades. Unfortunately, a good flood can ruin even the most valuable pieces. To avoid permanent damage to your furniture, several steps should be followed. First, remove expensive pieces from flooded areas as soon as possible. Other than stopping the flow of water, this should be your first priority. You may need help for this task, so work in teams.

Next, use soft water to remove hard water from each piece of furniture. Be careful, however, not to do more harm than good. Certain pieces (like those made from wood) should be left to the professionals. Don’t clean anything you aren’t comfortable cleaning. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a steam cleaning team for help.

  1. Mold or Mildew

Wet is bad. This isn’t exactly a secret, considering the title of the article you’re currently reading. We all know that having a damp home isn’t in our best interest. Leaving your carpet, hardwood, or furniture damp for longer than a few hours can begin the mold-growing process.

Avoid this Water Damage Complication by calling a team of professional steam cleaners and water removal specialists. Don’t let time lapse before making a call. You might think you can handle everything on your own – but this particular problem requires professional assistance for proper cleanup, no matter who you are.

  1. Release of Allergens and Toxins

When water damage occurs, affected areas become a breeding ground for allergens and toxins. Avoid letting these frustrations become a permanent problem by having your entire home steam cleaned after a flood. At the very least, have affected areas cleaned.

While steam cleaning professionals can aid with water damage restoration, they can also clean your home and give you a fresh start. The unexpected cost may seem overwhelming, but insurance will often cover steam cleaning after a natural disaster or unexpected event. This process will remove dangerous allergens and toxins from your home.

  1. Hardwood and Tile Damage

You shouldn’t overlook Water Damage Complications involving hardwood and tile. While permanent stains may not be visible, hard water can damage these surfaces – just like it can damage carpet. Avoid this problem by taking all portions of your home seriously. Clean each room as thoroughly as the last. And, most importantly, ask a professional to help you identify signs of long-lasting damage. This could help you recognize complications in the future.

If you notice any of these Water Damage Complications in your home, get in touch with a team of professional steam cleaners right away. At NYC Steam Cleaning, we respect the value of your home and your family. We offer a variety of services, including air duct cleaning, mattress cleaning, water damage restoration, and more. As a bonus, we only use environmentally friendly, organic cleaners to ensure the safety of our customers.

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