Taking Control of Flooding

cleaning water damageTo see your home or basement flooded with water is a nightmare. Flooding can occur naturally or accidentally, regardless of the circumstances, it is not a pretty sight. It isn’t easy to see your any of your furniture taking a swim. However, getting shocked and panicking won’t help matters. You have to act fast and immediately if you want to make sure that the other things in the room don’t have the same fate.

Causes of Water Damage

Flooding can occur from various sources. A clogged toilet, leaky dishwasher, broken pipes, leaky roof, and drainage failure. If you have a leak and aren’t aware of it instantly,  it could cost you a lot of money for water damage repair. Unfortunately, you don’t always know when a flood is coming, in case you don’t know what to do in either situation, NYC Steam Cleaning have some tips for you.

Act Smart

The first thing you need to do is make sure that everyone stays safe. Remove any sources of electric current, stay in touch with wooden surfaces as you locate the power source. Then, turn it off from all the places where the water has flooded. If you see any part of the ceilings that appear to have been weakened or are falling, steer clear of them. Make sure that the others avoid that spot too. Also, make sure you are not in contact with any electrical device, turn them off if they are still functioning.

Find the Flooding Source

It is obvious that the first thing you should do in order to prevent any further damage from occurring is to find the source of the water leakage and turn stop it, if possible. For this, it’s imperative that we know about the location of the water valve. As a precaution, learn about all the fire exits, power sources and the water valves at a place. In case you are unable to do either, call a plumber or any professional who can help with that.

Get Rid of the Water

Most of the times, the water is clean and might have leaked from a tap or a busted pipe. In this scenario, use a wet vacuum cleaner, buckets, blankets, sponges or any fabric that can absorb water. If there is a path for the water to flow out, direct it there by using wipers and other tools. However, in case the flooding is due to a sewage leak, call a water damage restoration service to take care of it.

Remove Personal Items

First, remove all of your valuable personal items, money, important documents, computers, jewelry, and anything else that you might have value to you. After you remove your valuables, remove everything else that could be in harm’s way.

Call Professionals and Experts

After the water is mostly gone, call a water damage restoration service such as us! Make sure that all of the tips mentioned above have been conducted so the least amount of property damage occurs. If there is any risk to your safety, your goal should be to get out of the water. Everything that you haven’t done can be done by the water damage restoration service.

If you choose NYC Steam Cleaning as your water damage restoration service, give us a call today at 1-888-245-1199.

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