Boat Interior Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Are you having trouble keeping the interior of your boat clean? You aren’t alone. Boats are one of the most difficult modes of transportation to keep spotless. Why? Because, despite how much time they spend in the water, boats are susceptible to stains, bacteria, grime, sand, mud, and salt.

This is perhaps why the American Boating Association (ABA) found it necessary to share professional cleaning tips with the rest of the world. In addition to professional steam cleaning, these tips will help you keep your boat in tip-top shape.

(1) Choose Proper Equipment

Choosing the wrong equipment for boat interior cleaning will make it nearly impossible to properly disinfect and clean your boat. Before choosing your tools, you’ll need to think about your specific boat and the materials that made it. Sturdy cleaning brushes are always necessary, in addition to buckets, mops, sponges, and towels. But consider what other materials your boat needs to feel fresh, clean, and new again.

(2) Choose Your Soap

This is often the most difficult part of the process. What soap will you use to keep the interior of your boat clean? While we highly suggest using a mixture of eco-friendly soaps, vinegar, and bleach (for white spots), choosing a solution for your boat is not an easy process. You’ll want to carefully consider which cleaner is used on what materials, and how many cleaners you need to get the job done. If you’re cleaning on the water, you’ll want to choose eco-friendly solutions that won’t pose a threat.

(3) Prepare Yourself

When it comes to the cleaning process, you’ll need to be patient and prepared to get wet. First, you’ll want to clean the upholstery. This is the portion of your boat that likely feels the most dirty. Next, remove any water spots from your interior glass and surfaces. Then, work on the floors. You’ll need a vacuum to do this properly. Finally, wipe down any wooden surfaces.

You should always make sure to use soft drying cloths that absorb moisture. This way, you’ll never have to worry about stripping paint or scratching surfaces.

(4) Cleaning The Engine

This is a particularly difficult part of the process. While many boat owners choose to have this done professionally each season, a quality cleaner like WD-40 (paired with a cleaning cloth) can remove some serious grime and grease. The older your engine, the more regular cleaning it will need to run smoothly. Remember, leaving the fate of your engine for nature to decide can be dangerous. Don’t take any chances, and you’ll be safe on the water.

Of course, cleaning your boat regularly and properly is only half the battle. None of these methods compare to a professional steam cleaning by the best company in the area. NYC Steam Cleaning is prepared to make your boat sparkle, shine, and impress.

We use only the best equipment, cleaners, and processes in the industry. With proper maintenance and care, a professional steam cleaning can last for months.

Ask us about our eco-friendly products and professional methods today!

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