Why You Should Get Your Carpets Steam Cleaned?

Majority of homes and offices have carpeted floors. A typical person spends almost 90% of their time indoors, either in their home or office. The harmful allergens and pollutants need to be regularly removed by cleaning the carpets as such particles get trapped in the carpet fibers. There are different ways of cleaning carpets but the result of all techniques is not the same. Our health experts at NYC Steam Cleaning recommend steam cleaning for carpets because of the following benefits:

1. Removes Dust and Grime Build-up

Steam cleaning provides a deep cleaning treatment for your carpets, whether it’s the carpet in your office or at home. This deep treatment helps in getting rid of dirt, pet hair, dust mites, pollutants, allergens and other debris which are entwined with the fiber bed of the carpet and are really hard to remove. Older and traditional methods of cleaning floors and carpets such as mopping and shampoo cleaning respectively are not effective at the deeper level, which makes steam cleaning the most reliable option to clean your carpets as well as floors.

2. Healthier Alternative

Steam cleaning does not actually use steam but a jet of hot water which is shot into the fibers of the carpet. This jet of hot water produces a lot of steam and the heat kills the germs, bacteria and other microorganisms which had been lodged into the fibers over the course of time. This removal of harmful substances, which are disastrous for the health of workers, kids and pets, makes steam cleaning the most sought out technique. Steam cleaners are very high in demand these days because of this health advantage.

3. Thorough and In-depth Cleaning

The level of moisture which is applied to the carpet is controllable so that the layer of underlying material is not damaged by the cleaning process. The steam and hot water penetrate deep into the fibers of the carpets and the excess water is sucked out from the equipment along with all the germs, dirt and grime, making the carpet as good as new. Carpets cleaned through steam also dry quickly as compared to shampoo treatments. Additionally, our team at NYC Steam Cleaning makes certain that the carpets are fully dried before putting them in use.

4. Cost Effective Solution

Steam cleaning provides a cost effective solution for cleaning carpets. Due to this reason, many businesses are availing the services provided by steam cleaning. Even the detergents used for steam cleaning are inexpensive which makes it an ideal choice. Thus, steam cleaning carpets is the best technique in the market for proper maintenance of office carpets. If you hire a professional cleaner, you can rest assured that your office flooring and carpets will be properly maintained and cleaned which will increase their lifespan as well.

5. Minimal Chemicals

Another great benefit of steam cleaning is the minimum use of chemicals for cleaning purposes. The chemicals which are normally used to brighten up floors and carpets are very harmful for the health of people and pets. Those who have sensitivities or allergies are mostly affected by such chemicals. But with steam cleaning, there is little to no chance of chemicals which can contaminate the indoor environment of a home or a workplace because fewer chemicals are utilized.

6. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We as humans and a species of living organisms have an obligation to nature and its preservation. Steam cleaning is not only cost effective and good for health; it is also good for the natural environment as it is eco-friendly.

7. Riddance of Dust mite Infestations

Many carpets have dust mite infestations which remain unspotted by office workers or homeowners because these creatures are microscopic. The dust mites themselves do not pose a health hazard, but the body parts and components they secrete and leave behind are often allergens which trigger an allergic reaction in many people. Because of their microscopic size, they are often inhaled by a person, which also cause allergic reactions. But the high temperature which is used by steam cleaning cannot be withstood by these small beings and thus they do not remain a threat anymore.

8. Prevents the Growth of Mold

Carpets if not cleaned frequently have a good chance of developing molds where there are high levels of humidity. Moisture often escapes into homes and offices and sinks deep down in the carpet fibers. This moisture favors the growth of molds if it is not dried or the carpet is not cleaned regularly. With the high temperature of steam cleaning, the carpets can be cleaned and dried, exterminating molds and thus inhibiting their growth.

9. No Soapy Residue

When compared to soapy treatments, steam cleaning does not leave behind any soapy residue in the carpets which may pose a health hazard for kids and pets alike. Also, the residue of the detergents acts like a dust-magnet, which means your carpet will become dirty sooner, thus decreasing its life span. If steam cleaning is correctly utilized, as done by professional cleaners, then you don’t have to worry about any health hazards or the lifespan of your carpets.

We hope you find this information useful and knowledgeable. If you require professional cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us at NYC Steam Cleaning, located at 2379 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Or give us a call at +1 888 245-1199, we will be more than happy to help you.

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