Are Your Home Cleaning Products a Health Risk?

Professional cleaning companies have the expertise and experience to know which cleaning products work best and pose the least health risk to their clients. This is especially true of low impact cleaning like steam cleaning. However, most other people do not have this expertise and so trust their stores to sell them safe products. It is sad to say, but many home cleaning products in America are not safe and are quite often banned in countries with stricter rules.

It is possible to over-clean a home, especially if you are parents to young children, and to use the toughest-seeming products. However, many of these should be avoided, especially with young children, as they can cause side effects including the development of allergies. The worst 3 substances contained in American products are:

  • Formaldehyde

  • Ammonia

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

These need not be the only products you use at home. Of course, you can engage professional steam cleaning services for many areas of your home, but you can also use eco-friendly products such as white vinegar and lemon juice. These are edible, so are fully safe for children and pets of all ages and conditions. Why not find out more about these safe alternatives and avoidable substances with this guide concerning cleaning products which may cause allergies.

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