10 Tips to a Cleaner Carpet

Carpet cleaning is an art. However, with this art, you need not be an expert to create a masterpiece. With a simple vacuum cleaner and a little bit of help from a professional cleaning service, you can turn your old and dirty rag into a fresh, off-the-shelf carpet in no time. If you’re searching for the best way to clean your carpet, here are a few tips and tricks you need to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Pre-Vacuum is a MUST

All those DIY carpet cleaning guide searchers need to know that pre-vacuum is an absolute must. Over time, the dirt particles on your carpet react with water and moisture to turn into mud. Pre-vacuuming helps in removing the thick and heavy mud patches from your carpet. This helps you save a lot of time and avoid hassle when you move on to washing your carpet.

Tip 2: General Cleaning is NOT Enough

It’s true to say that general cleaning process helps in removing most of the stains from your carpet. However, there are some stubborn stains and dyes that normal washing and detergents simply cannot remove (burnt patches are nearly impossible to remove!) Even after washing, if some stains remain, do not try washing the carpet over and over again as it will lead to discoloration. Contact professional cleaning experts for help, in this case.

Tip 3: Use Acidic Conditioning Rinse

Almost all carpet cleaning products are alkaline in nature. Such products are gentle and abrasive-free and offer deep cleaning action. Use an acidic conditioning rinse with an alkali-based cleaning product for lasting results. The acid neutralizes the effect of alkali and offers a mild fragrance for your carpet.

Tip 4: Know Your Cleaner

Not all professional cleaners are the same. The expertise of a professional cleaner depends upon his/her license, experience and employer. The skill of the technician and quality of cleaning products and chemical used also go a long way. When hiring professionals for help, it is always important to check their credentials and opt only for the best carpet cleaning services.

Tip 5: Search up on IICRC

Closely linked with tip # 4 is the IICRC seal. Carpet cleaning is, generally, not a regulated industry. For quality purposes, however, the International Institution for Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) acts as an assurance for the homeowner that their carpet is in good hands. Ensure that your professional carpet cleaner is affiliated with the IICRC.

Tip 6: “Wet Dog” Smell is just temporary

Every now and then, your carpet starts smelling like a wet dog (even if you do not own a dog). This odor arises every time your carpet gets soaked in a liquid (such as water or alcohol). The viscous liquid sticks to carpet fibers and produces an awful smell (mainly natural sulfur originating from the wool). However, you need not worry about it. Simply allow your carpet to dry. The smell dissipates as soon as your carpet dries. Use an air freshener, if necessary.

Tip 7: Get a Carpet Protector

Whenever you buy a new carpet, it comes with a stain protector. This protection cloak is applied by the manufacturer of your carpet cleaner and keeps your carpet free from stains. One of the biggest misconceptions about stain protector is that general cleaning removes it. In reality, normal wear and tear is what dissolves the protective layer.

For quality and durability, it is best to have a carpet protector (such as e-Gard) applied to the main traffic areas of your carpet. If you have just bought a new carpet, we recommend that you apply a carpet protector before the end of your stain protector warranty period. A combination of both is bound to improve the life of your carpet and you need not clean it every now and then.

Tip 8: Groom after Cleaning

In order to ensure that your carpet dries quickly and that the pile easily sits in the same direction (without falling to the other side) you need to groom your carpet after cleaning.

Tip 9: Look for Warranties

In several jurisdictions, carpet cleaners are required to warrant their work. In case you’re dissatisfied with their work, you can simply ring them up again and return your carpet for a re-clean, without paying any additional charges. Make sure your carpet cleaners offer a re-clean service.

Tip 10: Clean Regularly

The last tip is not only the most clichéd; it is also the least followed. Your carpet needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Ideally speaking, it should be vacuumed once a week and thoroughly cleaned every 2-3 months. Do read the instructions on your warranty card on how to clean your carpet carefully when you buy a carpet.

If your carpet looks (or smells) like it can use some cleaning, and you don’t have the time to do it, contact the best cleaning services in Brooklyn today! Visit www.NYCSteamCleaning.com to learn more.

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