Steam Cleaning Strategies – Handling Sensitive Surfaces

Steam cleaners, the perfect cleaning equipment for people with allergies, remove grease, dust and grime from all kinds of surfaces. Steam cleaning is certainly the surefire way of creating a healthy environment devoid of any germs or allergens. If the steam cleaning task is executed with perfection, it can remove even the most deep-rooted bacteria, dust mites, debris, dust particles and grease.

Steam cleaning is used to clean a variety of surfaces such as carpets, hardwood flooring, tile and grout, countertops, sinks, glass, upholstery, mattresses, kitchen appliances, stoves, ovens and a variety of other objects.

Why is the steam cleaning technology so preferred? The simplest answer would be the ideal tradeoff between chemicals for heat, without compromising on the quality of cleaning. It kills almost all the bacteria and germs, making it the most eco-friendly and natural way to clean surfaces.

While steam cleaners make our miserable lives easier by effective cleaning methods, it is extremely important to know how to tackle sensitive surfaces when cleaning with steam. Read below for essential tips for cleaning sensitive surfaces with steam.

Textile Cleaning with Steam

Not every type of fabric is resistant to steam. So before you actually begin cleaning cloth with steam, you must know how it responds to steam.

  • Apply steam to a tiny obscure portion of the cloth, let the material dry and notice if the cloth underwent any changes, such as modifications in color and shape.
  • If the cloth is resistant to steam, then hang the cloth and apply steam with the help of the iron tools.
  • Steam would get rid of toxic substances from the textile piece. It also leaves the cloth wrinkle-free. Lightly touch the clothes with the steam source’s head – the wrinkles will simply vanish into thin air spontaneously.

Clean Glass Surfaces

Degreasing and removing dirt from glass was never easier! Mirrors as well as other glass objects and surfaces can become glossy and spotless by steam cleaning. This is how you should go about when steam cleaning glass:

  • Attach a window cleaner to the steam cleaner’s wand. Make use of extension tubes if the glass surface is beyond reach.
  • Work your way from top of the glass surface to the bottom.
  • Use squeegee to dry the water from the glass surface. For this, it is necessary to have a separate squeegee wand.
  • If a squeegee implement and the wand are not available, then you may make use of cloth to wipe off the damp surface.
  • In winters, excessive steam may cause the glass to shatter so only apply a small amount of steam.

Tackling Painted Areas

It is often misperceived that steam cleaners should never be used on adhesive coated and painted surfaces because of the high temperature of the steam that damages the paint. This is definitely not the case – yes, caution must be taken but steam cleaners can be used on coated surfaces. Take a mental note of these tips:

  • Keep the steam source at an accurate distance from the item to be cleaned. You will be able to get rid of the stains without damaging the surfaces.
  • The contact time between the surface and the steam source should not be too long for the paint, wax, varnish and plastic coating could come off or irreparable marks could appear on the painted area.
  • Proceed with care whenever steaming with glued items. If you don’t then the material would lose the stickiness and become detached.
  • Never use steam cleaners on unsealed parquetry and timber floors directly.
  • Painted parquetry and timber surfaces require cleaning with a cotton cloth with the cleaning tools alongside nylon brushes.
  • The cloth is supposed to form a protective layering between the nylon bristles and the painted surface. This will prevent any scratches. and trap any grease, dirt or grime .

Steam cleaning is a wonderful way to clean multiple surfaces. You can prevent the damage caused to sensitive surfaces by steam cleaning them. Professional steam cleaning is highly recommended at least once a year in residential areas. If you are looking for a certified cleaning agency, there isn’t a better professional cleaning service available than the NYC Steam Cleaning. You will be greatly impressed and satisfied with the diverse range of cleaning facilities provided. Call now at 1-888-245-1199 to talk to a specialist and get a free estimate.

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