Water Damage and Cleaning: 5 Tips You Need To Know

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Even a small water spill can make us worry about our precious belongings so imagine how would you feel if a major section of your home gets hit by a flood of water? No one can control natural calamities but there is one thing which you can definitely control; the water damage. Just remember that the more quickly you act, the more the chances of your home being saved from water damage. Do not underestimate the effect of water even if it is sparingly wet. By tending to the area on time, you are more likely to save the furniture, carpeting and any electrical appliances which might be affected by the water. In case you do not know about how to deal with a flooded home, here are a few tips to help you get the job done;

Take the Electronic Appliances Away from Water

First and foremost, remove all electronic appliances away from the vicinity of the water affected area because these items get damaged by water faster than you can imagine. Although placing such items away from water will help them stay secure, it is also recommended that you unplug the power or turn off the main power supply especially if you think that the water could seep into or above the electrical sockets.

Lift up the Carpets

Once you are done saving your home from any electrical accidents, you should now tend to remove any carpeting you might have in your house. There are chances that you might not be able to save each and every carpet and rug in your home because these are the first items that get damaged by water spilled on the ground. It is always better to lift up the carpets and rugs irrespective of whether the water has reached them or not. Not removing your carpet even if it is drenched by water will make its restoration even more difficult. By removing your carpet or rug on time, you will be able to restore it by disinfecting it and hanging it out to dry before it can be used again. However, in such cases, you may not be able to save the under padding because they might have already absorbed a lot of water.

Drain out the Water

Done with saving some of your basic household stuff? Now it is time to drain out the water! While the best way of wiping water is by using dry vacuum, using this method requires a lot of care and precaution before its execution. You must be extremely careful before plugging in electrical appliances into sockets because you can end up getting a horrid electric shock if there is even a single trace of water left in and on the sockets or appliances.

Hence, it is better to stay away from the sockets that are even near the water as there are chances that some electrical boards might have loose wires lying on the ground. This is when the old traditional way of draining out water will come to your rescue! Use any old piece of cloth such as towels and mops along with buckets to soak up the water in the premises of your home and re-direct the water into the drains.

Dry up the Area

Draining out water does not mean that the job is done. Even though the water is no longer present, the area will still be slightly wet. Letting the affected area remain wet for a long time is an invitation for mold to grow on the surface. Therefore, drying out the wet area is very important for the proper restoration of your home after water damage. Direct sun light is the best source to get rid of the humidity but you can also use dehumidifiers and fans to speed up the process.

During the entire process, make sure you open all the windows and ventilation ducts so that the area gets dried up as soon as possible. If you have an affected drywall in the basement, then you may need to cut out the areas that are damaged by water because a wet drywall is most likely to collapse which could make way for the paper backing to become a habitat for grimy mold.

Get Rid of the Bacteria

Even though getting rid of the water does much of the prevention and cleaning, don’t forget that the water that turned your home upside down was contaminated rather than pure! So, even if drain the water out of the place, there are high chances that different bacteria and allergens may have emerged from the sewers or toilets. Therefore, it is recommended to use a disinfectant in every corner of the affected area including the walls, furnishings and everything that got hit by the water.

Why not take Help from a Professional?

Although we have given you the basic tips for cleaning your home after water damage on your own, it is always advisable to acquire help from a professional. A professional restoration and cleaning company has the expertise and skills that a home owner does not possess. In addition, the highly trained personnel know a variety of cleaning methods to restore your home to its original condition. When talking about a professional cleaning company, no one does it better than the team of NYC Steam Cleaning. Just dial 1-888-245-1199 to get a free quote and leave the rest to us!

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