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Antique rugs are some of the most valuable types of home investments in terms of decor. Their beauty and inimitable charm comes from the fact that they are often times handmade, dating back from centuries ago, and part of a family heirloom, which means they have been handed down from generation to generation and their uniqueness makes them impossible to replace. To prolong the lifespan of such a rug for as long as possible, it is important to only hire professional antique rugs cleaning services NYC. You need a company with rich experience in the field that knows how valuable these masterpieces are and which can help you preserve their condition while making them clean, shiny and bright once again.

More often than not, an antique aeea rug requires hand-washing with water and soap. However, some rugs are not colorfast, which means their dyes will start to bleed once they will get wet during the washing process. This is why we will carefully assess each rug that reaches us and determine what is the best custom course of action at the end of our assessment. Steam cleaning using rend machines will almost always result in complete damage caused to an antique rug. This is why it is essential to only hire expert antique rug cleaners NYC based who can use the right cleaning tools and methods for a zero-damage process.

Antique Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

  • rug cleaning using hand-washing techniques for delicate fibers and colors
  • professional steam cleaning using commercial-grade hot water extractors
  • spill and stain removal services using non-toxic products
  • antique rug pet stain removal
  • maintenance solutions
  • moth-proofing
  • deodorization and sanitation services

Spill And Stain Removal Services

If you own an antique rug made of wool rich in lanolin, your rug is better protected against accidental spilling. You can easily tackle a fresh spill on sch a carpet by blotting it before staining happens. Use a clean and slightly damp cloth and blot starting from the edges, moving your way to the center.

If you are dealing with a stubborn stains that is more difficult to remove, you could try your regular hair shampoo, since both hair and wool rugs have a similar protein in common. However, keep in mind you should never use harsh chemicals on your antique area rugs. If you are dealing with red wine stains or food stains that require professional assistance, we strongly urge you to get in touch with your expert antique rug cleaners NYC and allow us to tackle the problem. While homemade cleaning solutions might work well on less serious spills, there is also a great risk of causing more damage – sometimes irreparable – to you rug. For instance, improper scrubbing will almost always lead to the spill and stain getting embedded into the fibers. Using vinegar on your carpet will damage it.

Not knowing how to properly dry a freshly cleaned antique rug could also cause the foundation to rot. Why risk discoloring your beloved rug when you could give us a call and let us handle the problem? We work fast, efficient and cheap and we guarantee your satisfaction with every job. We use the safest and most reliable eco-friendly stain removers in the industry. All of our technicians are IICRC-approved, which means they use the highest work standards for a job well done every time.

Antique Area Rug Cleaning

For a job well done every time, we warmly recommend you always work with experienced cleaners with lots of proven expertize in the field. Whether your rug has been recently flooded by accident, or you had something spilled on it and you cannot personally tackle the stains, get in touch with us. We can thoroughly clean all dust mites, bacteria, allergens and other traces of harmful micro-organisms that are not visible to the naked eye from the fibers of your carpet using commercial-grade vacuuming. At times, especially when dealing with low pile rugs, we will use non-electric sweepers to ensure no damage is done. We will then proceed to use the most suitable cleaning procedure that will cause no harm to your rugs, be it gentle hand-washing or other type of expert cleaning in a controlled environment. The drying process is also essential for preserving your area rugs in pristine form.

Antique Area Rug Maintenance Services

A rug made of fibers that are rich in lanolin is more prone to suffer damages when improper cleaning and maintenance is done to it, given the sensitive nature of the fibers. Such a carpet could easily start to lose its natural protective shield. This means we recommend you to try to avoid moth-proofing such a rug. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning is also best to be avoided.

It is best to have your antique rugs maintained by professional antique rug cleaners NYC once every few years so you can prolong their lifespan.

Affordable Antique Rug Cleaning Prices

We offer free estimates over the phone and we promise you will discover the most competitive, affordable and transparent price sin the industry. We offer affordable antique area rug prices thanks to our mobile teams dispatched all over the New York area.

Call now and schedule an appointment with us and let us prove why we are the number one antique rug cleaners in NYC!

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Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

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Been a pleasure working with Reuven. Great experience, clean rugs, prompt service and delivery. Second time using him, would highly recommend them!

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