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Did you know that the warm and soothing sun rays that reach into your living room or bedroom through your windows could severely affect well-being of your beloved carpets? Wine and juice stains, pet urine, and toxic ingredients found in your carpet cleaners are additional factors known to severely affect the state of carpets and cause their colors to fade in time. Repetitive washing has also been proven to cause colors and patterns to fade away.

Unfortunately, most people are taken by surprise when they notice their carpets and rugs slowly fading away in front of their eyes. It all starts with one or two small spots that appear to be fading in time. You may label the spots as small discolored carpet issues and pay little to no attention to them. But you could be in fact looking at some greater damage that goes beyond some colors fading. It is possible for powerful and direct sunlight to weaken the fibers in your carpet. Plus, exposing your rugs to various chemicals will lead to additional problems. Luckily, our professional carpet and rug color restoration services can help you take back the lost glory and shine of your carpets.

Why Do Colors Start To Fade?

While carpet rips and stains are easier to spot by the naked eye, colors that have begun to bleed or fade are more difficult to notice. These are gradual processes that will require a more detailed analysis.

In general, the colors in your carpets start to fade and the dye to bleed for several reasons. Often times, it is a mix of factors that leads to unsightly stains in your carpets. A professional carpet specialists should be able to assess your rugs and establish the exact causes and recommend the best solutions. Here are a few of the primary reasons why rugs lose their original colors:

  • Your carpets are covered in fugitive dyes. These dyes are known to fade after prolonged exposure to direct light from the sun. They are usually natural dyes, and they will cause the colors in your carpets to migrate once they are overly exposed to UV rays. It is also possible for water exposure and improper washing attempts to cause these dyes to wash off.
  • A carpet that has been over-dyed will also bleed when expose to water during a washing cycle. This issue is triggered by those dyes that have been added to the rugs after the weaving process.
  • When cleaning a carpet, the high temperatures of the water are also known to cause the colors to bleed. Detergents that are rich in alkaline compounds and acidic stains that are caused by pet urine will make colors fade and bleed. In order to avoid using the wrong detergents or carpet washing methods that could completely ruin your carpets, it is best to rely in the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner. The NYC Steam Cleaning team is ready to answer your ever carpet and area cleaning and color restore request. We are fast, reliables, skilled, and charge some of the most affordable rates in the city. Make sure you ave your number on speed dial for any emergency stain removal jobs you may need.

Red And Blued Dyes Are More Likely To Fade

When red dyes are expose to sun rays for long periods of time, they become a lot more prone to bleeding incidents. Tiny molecules of red dye make carpets more vulnerable compared to different color rugs. If you own a beautiful Oriental rug, you are more likely to confront with color dye issues because of the presence of numerous red dyes.

Blue dyes are generally less stable and they are affected by the alkaline components in carpet detergent. Green-blue patterns and purple colors may look good on the floors, but they are also more likely to bleed.

Call Our Expert Carpet And Rug Color Restoration Services

If you own expensive carpets and oriental rugs that have been in the family for many generations, or you have simply invested a lot of money into them, you will want to do everything in your power to see your carpets regain their lost charm and beauty. A professional carpet and rug restoration service that specializes in the entire range of carpet repair services should have no problem throwing you a hand.

The NYC Steam Cleaning team only works with permanent and colorfast dyes, which means you will have no restrictions walking on your freshly-dyed carpets as soon as we are done restoring the colors in them. As an environmentally-responsible carpet cleaning company, we solely use non-harmful, eco-friendly color restoration practices. We will protect your family, your pets, and the environment, while helping you save a fortune on buying new carpets or trying different restoration services with no results.

Give us a call today and schedule a meeting with us and let us take care of your carpets and rugs the best way possible. We offer some of the most affordable rates in the city and promise not to force you to break the bank to see your carpets look brand new once again. We will assess the materials and weaving processes in your oriental area rug or modern carpet and use custom color restoration techniques to match their unique requirements. With the help of advanced color facing restoration practices, we will remove all blemished and re-dye the areas so they can will match the original colors and patterns. We will rely on chemistry and physics and use low system dying systems so the colors can set straight away and avoid any colorfast issues.

With the help of syringes and other application tools, we will set the new dye to all intricate models and rebuild all multicolored designs.

Carpet and rug color restoration is mandatory for maintaining your precious carpets in pristine condition over the years. Give us a call today and let us make your faded carpets look brand new again!

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Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

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