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Are you looking for professional area rug re-fringing services for your precious modern-day area rugs or antique carpets? The NYC Steam Cleaning team specializes in the entire array of area rug re-fringing, rug binding and rug fringe restoration procedures for all types of area rugs. We can handle your precious carpet no matter how old or new, expensive or severely damaged. Call now and allow us to lend you a hand  – we work fast and affordable! 

Rug Re-Fringing NYC Services

We are experts in restoring broken, damaged, stained or missing fringes on all types of area rugs and carpets. In order to accurately restore, re-fringe or bind the fringes on a carpet, it is mandatory to have a full understanding of what these fringes are and what technique they have been manufactured with.

As professional carpet cleaners with lots of years of experience in the industry, we know all fringing practices by hand a d we cam immediately assess and recognize the manufacturing procedures used by the initial carpet manufacturers.

Fringes are, shortly put, the warp of the carpet – usually in the form of wool or silk strands coming out out of the rug’s edges. These strands are kept together with the help of knots and they normally run from one one end of the rug to the opposite end. These knots can be made manually or using automated machines and the fringes can also be added at the end of the manufacturing process, once the carpet is completely woven. The fringes can ether be glued to the carpet edges or sewed onto it. A hand-woven area rug will have natural fringes thanks to the weaving techniques that has been using during its making.

Each of these different fringing and woven procedures will require different binging and restoration approaches. Thus is why it is important to only hire expert carpet cleaners with lots of experience under their belt who will know exactly how to handle the fringes on your rug.

Loose Rug Fringe Repairs NYC

Given the heavy exposure to dirt, debris and dust caused by the foot traffic inside your house or office establishment, your rugs are prone to get severely soiled and stained over time. They are also likely to suffer various tears caused by improper maintenance, accidents or dog and cat bites. No matter what might have contributed to the damaged fringes in your rug, you are going to need expert help to have the problem fixed. If your fringes are frayed and they have already tore from the carpet edges, the knots are also likely to start loosening up. This will automatically lead to the carpet unravelling, in which cause you are going to need emergency area rug re-fringing techniques or expert binding procedures.

We work with advanced re-fringing treatments that are suitable for carpets that have been woven by machines. Using this technique is a lot easier than the one used for rugs that have been manually woven.

Expert Rug Binding In NY

Rug binding refers to a special procedure that can help bring back and also maintain the lost beauty and charm in your rug with the help of a few different practices. We will always initiate any of these processes with a thorough and accurate assessment of the rugs that we are asked to re-fringe and restore. This will allow us to know just what kind of binding and re-fringing method to use so there will be no damages caused to the rugs.

When dealing with area rugs with fringes that have not been damaged severely, we will proceed to simply sew the broken fringes using yarn, provided your carpet has been hand-woven. For carpets that have been woven with the help of machines, our IICRC-certified technicians will simply attach new fringes.

Frayed and dull fringes can be replaced with new fringes that will perfectly match the original colors and fabrics. This means you will get to save on buying new carpets while preserving your precious, expensive or inherited rugs as part of a family heirloom going back hundreds of years ago. Our repairs are efficient and unnoticeable every time and we guarantee your satisfaction with each job.

Binding can also be used to enhance the protection of your rugs in the long term, so we warmly recommend this solution for your rugs.

Affordable Rug Weaving And Binding Services In NY

We specialize in the entire array of area rug reweaving, binding and re-fringing and we can ensure a job well done every time. We offer free price estimates by phone, online or on-sight and we also charge some of the most affordable services in the industry.

Contact us now and ask for a free price quote or let us schedule an appointment for you, re-fringe your damaged area rugs and make them look brand new once again.  

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Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

I highly recommend this company. Excellent work and very friendly and knowledgable people. They really saved my day today when a different company came to my home and tried to tell me that my carpet…

Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

Really was surprised by the level of customer service and quality of cleaning for my carpet. I have these beautiful Persian rug that was a large footprint of 17 x 25 and had never had it cleaned. They…

Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

Been a pleasure working with Reuven. Great experience, clean rugs, prompt service and delivery. Second time using him, would highly recommend them!

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