Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

The NYC Steam Cleaning team receives a large number of requests to clean dozens of different types of carpets and area rugs on a daily basis. Our cleaning technicians are IICRC-approved and they have a lot of experience and expertise working with a huge number of carpets, color dyes, yarn, and weaving. While most of the carpeting and rugs we are asked to clean are fairly easy to tackle, some tend to be extra difficult to clean in a safe manner. Viscose rugs, also known as art silk or rayon rugs are, without a doubt, on top of the list.

Over the years, we have accumulated sufficient experience having worked with many dirty and deteriorated viscose rugs. We are your go-to expert in all viscose rug cleaning matters and we can provide you with fast, affordable, and reliable services. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let our friendly representatives schedule a quick cleaning job for you.

Viscose Rug Cleaning Problems

Viscose is a term used to refer to the pulp of wood that is stuck together with the help of plasticizing binders. Viscose plants process the pulp inside fibers, after which the rug mill will weave the fibers to make a new rug. Glue can also be used in the process. What makes viscose a problematic fabric?

Viscose Fibers Are Extremely Weak

Primarily, viscose fibers are not at all sturdy, especially when water reaches them, when they can lose as much as 50 percent of their strength. This would make machine or manual washing using water a damaging step of the cleaning. Paradoxically, the most efficient way of cleaning a viscose rug is with the help of a large amount of water, which would make the need to hire professional viscose rug cleaners a must. Plus, viscose rugs are often times a lot more difficult to clean than silk rugs, so keep this in mind if you plan on using any DIY products that you would normally use for your viscose rugs.

Lay Nap Drying Issues

Secondly, provided the nap lay of a rug made of viscose is not properly groomed when the drying needs to take place, its fibers will be pointed towards random directions and the rug will look like it has not been recently cleaned. This is also a direct result of the improper nap lay.

In other words, viscose is one of the most sensitive types of fibers, and expert cleaners should know exactly how to handle the drying and grooming to make sure that the fibers will not reach the wrong spots. Our technicians know just how long it takes to clean and dry such a rug, and how to tackle every step of the process to ensure a zero-damage cleaning policy every time.

Viscose rugs will often times take up to four times longer to clean compared to rugs made from wool, silk, or synthetic fabrics.

Viscose Rug Shedding Issues

Viscose carpets are also known to be problematic because of the excessive shedding that occurs during vacuuming, as the fibers can automatically be pulled in. If you own a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction that also features a power head, never use it to clean your viscose rug or a carpet made from viscose.

Color run problems

Another important matter with viscose is the fact that it does not hold color dyes well at all. More often than not, the moisture will lead to the colors in the rug to bleed. This is especially prone to occur when the rug is steam cleaned. Our experienced viscose carpet cleaning near me technicians know just how to handle the cleaning and washing of these rugs in such a way that will not cause any damage to their dyes and fibers.

Yellowing issues

Another issue with these rugs is the fact that any type of moisture from an accidental spill or natural humidity in the air could cause the rug to turn brownish or yellow, because of the oxidization process. This is why it is extremely important to immediately tackle a new spill and avoid letting the fibres sit in the water for too long.

Why Hire Our Expert Viscose Rug Cleaning NY Services

  • We have the right skill, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to assess and clean any type of viscose rug. We are your go-to team when it comes to professional rayon carpet cleaning or deep art silk rug cleaning.
  • We are familiar with all the elements that could lead to the viscose shedding, breaking, distorting, turning yellow, and slowly fading away. Our technicians will never directly subject your precious viscose rugs to any of these factors and processes.
  • We know how to tackle various stains and spots, whether they are old or fresh. Our viscose carpet cleaners are also experts at pet urine staining solutions, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you notice a new accident has occurred on your rugs. The sooner we can reach the stain and tackle it using our advanced products, the greater the chances of your rug being saved.

Affordable Viscose Rug Cleaning Prices

We charge affordable fees for our viscose rug cleaning services, and we offer free price estimates over the phone or in person. Feel free to get in touch with us, describe your problem to us in detail and allow us to provide you with a free, zero-obligation, and comprehensive price quote and schedule a cleaning job for you.

Call today and let the NYC Steam Cleaning team handle your vulnerable and precious viscose rugs like pros!