All You Need To Know About Rug Repair

Rugs are not only useful but they also add to the aesthetic value of your house. Like all other things in your house, rugs too need care, cleaning, and sometimes, repairs. No matter how expensive your rugs are and how hard you try to keep them clean and protect them from any damage, they do get dirtied, spilled on, spit upon, and possibly worse. Dirty rugs then become a breeding place for all types of bugs and bacteria and damaged ones become a shame for their owners. In order to save the dirty or damaged rugs from further ruining, you need to act quickly. Do not let your little ones catch germs from the dirty rugs or the little the hole in your antique rug become a large one or the loose fringes/ frayed edges to make your rug incapable for use.

Rug Restoration and Rug Repair

The terms rug restoration and rug repair are often used interchangeably, but technically, rug repair means fixing a rug problem. After repairing, a rug may or may not return to its original condition.

On the other hand, restoration means restoring the original condition of the rug, so the restoration work is done with the objective of ensuring that the rug returns to its original state.

Rug Repair at Home

Some rugs can be repaired at home whereas other cannot, depending on the type of the rug and extent of damage. Rugs like jute rugs and braided rugs can be repaired at home while oriental and Persian rugs cannot and it is better to seek professional help when such expensive rugs need repairing.

Some of the methods to repair your rugs at home are as follows:

Use your sewing skills

You can use your sewing skills to repair some small damages to your rug and restore its original condition. For this, you simply need to join torn edges and sew them together from the bottom side of the rug. Use a strong thread that matches the color of the rug and a round upholstery needle to do this.

Use Glue

If you have not lost any of the fibers from your rug then glue can be used to repair the damage. Simply glue the torn sides together and you are done with the repairs!

Take Fiber from another area

Another way of repairing your rug at home is by taking fibers from any other invisible area of the rug and attaching them to the ragged area with the help of glue and a toothpick.

Use Duct Tape

Using duct tape is the fastest and simplest way to repair the rug at home if its fibers are not lost. Place the torn edges together and tape them, using the duct tape, from the backside.

Seek Professional Help

If the damage to the rug is serious or the damaged rugs are expensive, antique, or handwoven like Oriental Rugs or Persian Rugs, it is better to avail of a professional rug repairing service for not only restoring its original condition but for increasing its life as well.

The professional methods of mending and restoration make the rugs presentable again by restoring their lost beauty. Don’t forget about your rug cleaning.

But one needs to be extra careful while selecting the service provider for rug repairing and even rug cleaning. You cannot hand over your precious rugs to anyone without looking at the company’s reputation, how much knowledge they have about rugs, their manufacturing & repairing, and without having a look at their already completed work. Because a lot can go wrong if, you do not choose the right service provider for your rug restoration.

We at NYC Steam Cleaning have a professional and experienced team to look after all your precious rugs, whether Oriental, Persian, Egyptian, Pakistani or Indian and make sure they return to their original condition. With around 20 years of experience in New York and Bay area, we offer a wide range of rug repairing services, including but not limited to fraying, burn damage, stain removal, and discoloration. We not only repair your rug and restore its original condition but also provide reweaving services to ensure that you do not have to throw away your favorite, precious, or family rug.

In order to provide the best services to our customer we also provide in-house consultation, pick up and drop off service and that too for free. You can also call us to ask for an estimate.

NYC Steam Cleaning also provides on-site repairing service and that too at an affordable price. So, act before your rug damage becomes irreparable and contact NYC Steam Cleaning for a professional and reliable rug repair and restoration service.

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