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Without a doubt, silk rugs are the uncrowned king of carpeting. Contemporary, modern models versus charming antique options – no matter what kind of jewellery may be covering your floors, you are probably thankful for deciding to buy it every day. Unless, of course, you have a while silk area rug that is covered in unsightly stains you cannot get rid of no matter how many over-the-counter cleaners you may use. Or a silk rug covered in mold as a result of a broken HVAC system in the house. Whatever might be causing you your distress, we are here to help. We specialize in the entire range of silk rugs and we can clean, maintain and restore your beloved carpeting no matter how simple or complex is the problem you are dealing with.

Silk: Tough, Yet Delicate

Silk fibers are some of the most delicate and soft types of fibers in the carpet manufacturing industry. Silk is one of the sturdiest fibers out there; however, this only makes silk rugs more prone to getting damaged when subjected to air polluting factors, dust, spills and other indoor elements. Silk rugs can look dull and lose their regular charm and appearance you have fallen for when you first saw them.

If you cannot handle the cleaning on your own for one reason or the other, we warmly suggest you get in touch with us and allow us to show you why we are considered the top silk rug cleaner in the NY area.

Professional Silk Area Rug Cleaning Services

One common issue most people are dealing with when cleaning area rugs made of silk is the risk of damage. By using the wrong cleaning products, you would end up indefinitely ruining the precious silk fibers and the overall design of your rugs. Silk rugs require special attention and customized cleaning routines that only an IICRC-certified cleaning technician is trained to complete.

Our experts will accurately assess your silk rug and determine the current state of the silk fibers, as well as the level of staining they will need to tackle. The colors in the rug, the patterns, whether there are any other types of fibers embedded into the silk, including nylon or wool, and any custom elements that distinguish your silk rug from others will also help our cleaners establish the most suitable cleaning methods. Trying to use a stiff brush at home to remove any stains covering a silk rug could potentially damage the fibers. Keep in mind most area rugs made of silk are dyed with the help of running colors, so thorough testing will need to be completed prior to selecting one cleaning method or the other.

There are various dos and don’ts of cleaning a silk rug, and only an expert carpet cleaner will know how to handle the process the right way. Instead of having to spend more money on buying a new silk rug, we can actually help you save your resources and invest in something else. The price of our cleaning services is a small fraction of the price you should expect to pay for a new and often irreplaceable silk rug that has been in the family for generations.

The Silk Rug Cleaning Process

Our technicians will wash your silk rugs using purified water so ensure the same level of softness found in the fibers the day you took your rug home. We also rely on various traditional techniques used for washing these rugs, including state-of-the-art technology and zero chem-fry or dry wash procedures that could ruin the fibers.

Our main goal is to accurately restore and preserve your timeless silk rugs and help you make the most of them for many more years to come. We can add life and value to your rugs with the help of our skills and mastery. Keep in mind, not all carpet cleaners specialize in silk rug cleaning, so we advise you to get in touch with the pros at NYC Steam Cleaning.

Hand-Knotted Silk Rug Restoration

Buying a new silk rug is a pricy process that also incurs a great deal of attention and energy. Why waste your precious resources shopping for a new rug when we can help you take back your old and precious carpet at a fraction of the price of a new rug?

Our extensive carpet restoration experience allows us to handle all types of silk rugs, ranging from Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Oriental and many more. Our manual silk rug restoration procedures will bring back the lost shine in your carpeting in no time.

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We do not only provide some of the most affordable silk rug cleaning prices in the New York area, but we also offer quick, no-obligation estimates. Give us a call today or fill in our form and let us answer all of your questions or concerns and schedule an appointment today.

Whether it’s a gorgeous prayer silk rig or a pure silk Qum rug you need help with, we can deliver the fastest and finest results. Call today!



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Samantha Cameron

 Jen and team were so great to work with. We had a hard task at hand removing adhesive residue from residential hard wood floors. We couldn’t find anyone else up for the task and NYC Steam Cleaning got the job done. Highly recommend this service and team for any floor, carpet, rug, upholstery cleaning needs.


Loren Bluvstein

5 star experience. I recently got a puppy who turned my new couch into her personal bathroom. I did a google search and found NYC steam cleaning. Luckily, I was able to make an appointment for the next day with this company. The entire cleaning took about 1 hour. My couch is brand new again, thank you!!


Theresa Brooks

 I just had my carpets cleaned and they look amazing! I had lots of pet stains and was ready to replace the carpets but now they look new! I will definitely have them come back!

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Barbara Dixon

 The team at NYC Steam Cleaning were absolutely outstanding! They knew exactly what to do and were extremely professional! They came on time and the carpet dried within hours. Overall extremely impressed and wouldn’t hesitate hiring them again!


Locke Mccubbin

Great job! I have used NYC Steam Cleaning several times’ they are in time’ professional and do an excellent job with the carpets.


Francisco Chipman

 Excellent service and very polite and professional workers.

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Shrikant Aier

 I have hired them two times and have been highly pleased. Our pet was not very nice to this carpet and they were capable to get it clean. They also did my upholstery and the whole thing looks great. Their service charges are very rational and the workers have arrived within few minutes.


Abelard Curd

What a fine job this company did for me! They arrived exactly on time, and could not have been more professional and courteous. The result of their carpet cleaning process exceeded my wildest expectations. I give my very highest recommendation to this terrific company. Great Job!!


Melissa Joseph

 I am a repeat customer of NYC steamers and their carpet cleaning has always been top notch. My whole family uses this business for carpet and rug cleaning in Long Island and everyone is impressed with the prices and the service. I am happy to recommend this business to anyone who is looking for this type of service.

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