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If you are currently dealing with a genuine rug spot nightmare, you are not alone. Lots of homeowners try to restore their discolored carpets and area rugs using a series of DIY carpet and rug spot bleaching practices, but to no avail. Bleach spots caused by bleaching agents, pet waste, and other chemicals that accidentally reach your floors are known to cause damage to the fibers in a carpet and remove the colors out of it. The damage is, unfortunately, highly visible and unpleasant. The white and yellow patches are never nice to look at. Oftentimes, the regular carpet cleaning services you hire to freshen up your rugs are unable to remove these unsightly stains. Luckily, there are specialized carpet and rug spot bleaching services that can remove all types of spots on your carpets. And we are one of them. Get in touch with the NYC Steam Cleaning company today and schedule an appointment with us and we will return your precious carpets and area rugs in pristine condition, looking brand new, bright, and beautifully colored once again.

How To Handle Carpet Bleach Spots At Home

If you are not yet ready to hire an expert carpet spot removal service, you could try a few color correction practices on your own. The main goal is to effectively reinstate the initial colors in your carpets and save thousands of dollars in having your old rugs replaced. Whether you are a regular homeowner, a landlord managing several rental properties, or an office manager, you could save your carpeting in just a few easy steps.

  • Avoid scrubbing any stains and bleach spots using the side to side motion. You will risk causing more damage to your carpets and rip it out, causing a hole.
  • Keep in mind bleach stains should not be thought of as regular color spots. Bleach will eat away the color in your carpets, as it is a powerful solvent that works by removing the tint by. RIT dye will most likely cause you to ruin the carpets even more, so stay away from it.
  • You could try using some dark hair dye on a dark-colored, brown, black, or dark brown carpet. Use a more expensive brand and make sure it matches the our color’s hue. Blow dry the dye as soon as you apply it, so you can open up the fibers in the carpet.
  • You could also try to use some acrylic paint or a felt-tip marker to cover the stains. Buy matching paint by taking some fibers in your carpet to the store and comparing them to the paint you find. Do not apply too much paint or you will risk making your carpet stiff. Focus on coating the exterior and do not hesitate to mix around a few different colors so you can obtain the right hue avoid painting your carpet during the nighttime, as you will risk using the wrong color.
  • It id also possible to use house paint you would normally use for your interior walls and try to get rid of carpet and rug color bleaching spots. Keep in mind you will cause stiffness in your carpets using this DIY method.
  • The carpet will turn very stiff, almost like a laminate. No joke. I actually wanted to turn mine into a laminate-type texture, so I resin-ed over it several times. But even after the first coat of simple indoor house paint it was still stiff.
  • Crayons and sharpies could also work. You could even think about cutting the stained fibers out of your carpet, if the fibers are high enough and you will not cause even more damage.

Call The Pros

If you are ready to call a professional carpet cleaner to help you remove those nasty carpet and rug bleach spots from your carpet the safe way, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us. We specialize in the most advanced spot removal technology in the industry. We are ready to tackle any stain and spot, no matter how old and stubborn. We promise to bring your carpets and rugs back to life in no time and help you save a small fortune on buying new ones.

We will perform spot removal tests on a small and inconspicuous area on your stained carpets, without influencing their appearance. This will be done to determine the best possible spot removal solution. The good news is that regular bleach spots and stains can be corrected with the help of expert equipment and chemicals. In case the fibers in your nylon or wool carpets have not been damaged beyond repair, you have a pretty good chance to see them come back to life.We rely on correctional dyes that are permanent and use expert bleach neutralization practices to prevent re-bleaching.

Give us a call today and let us help you restore your beautiful carpets in no time.

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Sep 20, 2020 by Anonymous on NYC Steam Cleaning

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Been a pleasure working with Reuven. Great experience, clean rugs, prompt service and delivery. Second time using him, would highly recommend them!

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