End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning For Rental Apartments Or Condominiums

Can you remember the day you moved into your current rental apartment? Somehow, all the accumulated stress that the big move had triggered in you magically disappeared. It was probably replaced by a mix of brighter and more hopeful feelings, at the thought that you were about to turn over a new leaf in that new condo. And all you needed to do was turn a key into a lock and set foot into your brand new home. Oh, what a feeling! You can almost still feel the smell of fresh paint on the walls and the flowery carpet cleaners welcoming you in.

Most tenants are pleasantly surprised to discover a neat and tidy place when moving into a new place. And there is no big surprise there. It is a tenant’s right to be handed over a clean and hygienic property. But it is the tenant’s obligation to further maintain this standard of cleanliness during their stay. And what happens when a tenant’ lease expires or they simply decide to move out for whatever reason? Simply put, they need to make sure the property is just as clean as it was the day they moved in. In order to come to people’s help, lots of cleaning companies have cleverly introduced the so-called “end of tenancy cleaning” service. For tenants with hectic schedules and zero time to scrub floors and steam clean carpets, this solution is a true God-sent. If you are interested in learning more about this particular type of cleaning service and where to find it, these next few lines should help you out.

What Is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

  • End of tenancy cleaning is a top to bottom type of cleaning that has been especially designed for rented properties. It is important to know that tenants can also do their own share of cleaning at the end of the lease, and the landlord cannot force them to use a specific cleaning company, or any cleaning company to begin with.
  • Nevertheless, this service is of huge help for tenants who do not have the time or the energy to scrub their carpets clean before moving out, as who are too busy with the moving logistics. However, since the landlord will usually require the same level of hygiene and cleanliness as it was originally written down into the inventory report, tenants will need solutions.
  • If you plan on taking care of everything on your own, make sure you guide yourself using the check in inventory. Setting up a checklist and having a clear schedule will also help you stay on track and fully clean the apartment or condo.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, you can hire a specialized cleaning service to assist you with some or all of the chores. For example, the NYC Steam Cleaning service can provide you with advanced carpet cleaning solutions. Our Rug Steam Cleaning service relies on commercial grade, professional equipment that will thoroughly and effectively wash your carpets. As one of the most experienced and reliable carpet cleaners in the city, we can come to your help no matter how little time you might have to clean up the place.

Why Is End Of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Important For You?

  • Cleaning up the carpets inside the rental apartment or condo is usually half the job. This means it will be extremely useful to hire a service like ours if you need to handle the end of tenancy cleaning.
  • If you are a dog or car owner and the carpets you are leaving behind are stained or covered in pet hair, you will definitely appreciate the extra hand.
  • Plus, cleaning up the carpets and the rest of the place will also ensure you will receive your full deposit back. More than 50 percent of deposit disputes are usually caused by improper or insufficient cleanliness left behind by the tenants. Don’t risk it, especially if your have paid a significant deposit when you signed the lease.

What Can We Do For You?

  • We use advanced steam carpet cleaning techniques that rely on deep-down extraction, while continuing to follow manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements.
  • We can also help you get rid of allergy-causing contaminants and dust mites.
  • We take great pride in our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. We solely work with professionally trained technicians who will create custom treatments that will perfectly fit any need.
  • We remove the ground-in dirt in carpets in high traffic areas and use deodorizer coatings to make the carpets look and smell as fresh as they did the day you moved in.
  • The NYC Steam Cleaning team consists of technicians that are fully trained in IICRC-Approved Methods for Carpet Cleaning, so you will know we will get the job done and help you get your deposit back problem-free.

Keep in mind that while as long as you will return the property clean, you will be free to select your preferred means for sanitation. But professional carpet cleaners and residential cleaning services in general will considerably simplify the work for you.

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