4 Basic Tips to Restore Your Mattress from Water Damage

Has your home recently been affected by a flood or any sort of water damage like piping leakages? We know you must have thought that water only tends to damage the furniture or carpets, but that’s not the case! Now that you have been hit by the water damage dilemma, you know that it does not spare anything – not even your mattress! Just like other household stuff, mattresses can also be damaged by contaminated water and the restoration becomes quite difficult if it is badly affected.

But before stepping into the whole repair and restoration process, you need to determine whether your mattress is worth the effort and money that will be spend on its repair and whether you will be able to accomplish the restoration task or not? If your mattress is a low quality one then it’s better to just dispose it off and get a new one but if you have really spent a fortune on your mattress then you must take the plunge of recovering it from the damage.

Remember; just like carpets and rugs, mattresses too are home to many allergens providing a habitat for mold to grow, especially when it remains dampened due to water damage. The damaged mattresses must be completely repaired in the first go because water damage won’t give you a second chance!

In this case, it is necessary to acquire professional help because they know how to do it better than you but if you still want to give it a try then read on the tips listed below for repairing and restoring your mattress by yourself!

Don’t leave the damage unattended

First and foremost, you CAN’T be late when it comes to restoring a damaged mattress! Why? Because once the mold gets completely absorbed in the mattress and becomes an inseparable factor, you will never be able to bring your mattress to its original form. Sounds terrible, right? So don’t be late in attending your damaged mattress and make sure you don’t leave it unattended for more than 48 hours.

Dry it out!

Before moving on with other procedures, the first thing you must do is to put the mattress at a place where it remains in direct contact with sun light. While you can also speed up the drying process using blow dryers and fans but the scorching sun light will do its best in taking every water drop out of the mattress. Now here you don’t need to speed up the process by any means, sit back and let the mattress dry for at least a day or two. Drying it out in a hurry will definitely leave traces of residue inside the fiber and you can’t take the risk of the residue becoming a dwelling place for the mold.

Vacuuming also helps

Once your mattress gets totally dried up, vacuuming is up next! Use a nozzle vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the entire mattress. It is possible that even a high power vacuum may not be able to remove each and every bit of the dirt debris from the mattress but it will definitely make the mattress a lot cleaner than before. Few mattresses come with an option of unzipping the upper fabric, making way to reach to the internal material. If your mattress is one of those then don’t waste the advantage, open up the mattress and check whether all the inside structure is completely dried or not. After the entire in and out checking and vacuuming, take a cloth dampened by an alcohol solution and wipe off the whole mattress thoroughly.

Check the box springs as well

Usually, the box springs inside the mattress also get damaged when the contaminated water hit the mattress. In this case, you need to be more careful because many box springs are usually made of wood components making the condition even worse. Because wood takes a lot of time to get dried up completely and there’s no use of repairing the box springs, leaving the wood to remain wet.

Acquire professional help

Although we have given you the basic tips of repairing your damaged mattress on your own but it is always preferable to acquire professional restoration services. Because professional cleaning is always a safe option than the D-I-Y attempts! A professional repair and restoration company has the experience and training that a home owner doesn’t have, plus the highly skilled experts knows about the different types of water damages and various repair methods to bring your prized mattress back to its former splendor. When talking about a professional restoration company, who else can do a better job than NYC steam cleaning. Just dial 1-888-245-1199 and a team of skilled professionals will visit your home to examine the damaged property while suggesting the restoration procedure accordingly.

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