The Ultimate Guide for the Removal of Stains from Mattresses

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Did you know that an average person spends one-third of their life in bed? If you had not understood the gravity of having an unclean mattress, this fact should help. Dust, dead skin and other particles slowly build up in your mattress, making it unhealthy for use if not cleaned regularly. It is not just the bed bugs and mites that harbor in your comfy mattresses, but the body fluids and spilled beverages too, which leave stubborn stains and terrible odors behind.

So if your mattress has been a victim to unsightly stains and foul odors, follow these tips to get rid of them:

Getting Rid of the Stains

Vomit Stains

First of all, open the windows of the room for ventilation because vomit stains are cleaned with household ammonia (it has a pungent smell). Take a clean piece of white cloth and just blot the affected area with unscented and undiluted household ammonia. But do not go overboard by drenching the mattress with ammonia. Then, with a damp cloth wipe the area. Take some baking soda and dust some of the cleaned surface. The soda will remove the odor of ammonia and absorb moisture. When the area is dry, vacuum it.

Urine Stains

Have little kids around? Inevitably, you too suffer from the ordeal of cleaning a wet bed. It is not a fun thing to do, but if you act promptly, it is possible to effectively remove urine stains.

  • Make haste and rush to the scene because it is always preferable to get rid of the urine stains when they are still wet.
  • Blot the affected area with a piece of dry cloth. Absorb the fluid as much as you can.
  • Use your preferred enzymatic cleaner and absorb the crystals of uric acid from the stained area. Spray from a bottle and blot it.
  • When the stained surface is dry, sprinkle some baking soda on it.
  • Let the soda remain over night and vacuum the next day.

Removing these stains after they have dried is not an impossible feat to achieve. You may make your own stain remover by using hydrogen peroxide which is better than chlorine bleach as it does not damage the fabric.

  • Make a solution of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide (3 tablespoons and 8 ounces respectively).
  • Also add a dash of liquid dish washing soap to the solution.
  • Daub the mixture on the stained surface lightly – do not saturate with it!
  • If the obstinate stain still remains, use detergent powder (non-oxygenated) and water to create foam. Spread and rub lightly and let it stay for a while. Then scrape away the remnants. When dry, vacuum the space.

Colored Drink Stains

Spilled over a colored beverage on your mattress? There is no need to fret – you can remove these stains by implementing the following steps:

  • Acid is used to clean the stains of colored beverages so you may either use vinegar or a citrus cleaner. You may apply these as a spray or dab it with a clean white rag.
  • Blot the area with alcohol poured on a cloth which would further remove the stains.

Blood Stains

Blood stains can be removed with the help of hydrogen peroxide. You may either make a solution of hydrogen peroxide or use it directly and blot it with a cloth. Follow these steps to create a mixture:

  • Mix a quarter cup of hydrogen per oxide with a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent and table salt each.
  • Rub the mixture directly on the stain and dry it.
  • Scrape the residue later.

Deodorizing the Bed


Yes, initially the body smells are barely noticeable – they do not even leave behind stains either. But cumulate a period of time and you will be desperate to cover your nose. How should you encounter the weird smell of sweat? Deodorize it. To get rid of the stench, shower some baking soda and rub it with a brush so that it penetrates deep inside the mattress. If you like to have a lovely scented aroma, then you may mix it with essential oils extracted from lavender, cedar wood or sandalwood. Let it settle for a few minutes and then vacuum the area.

Cigarette Odor

Even though cigarette does not leave behind any stains on the mattress, the smoke leaves behind an unbearable putrid smell. But these smells can be removed by mixing a solution of baking soda and cold water and applying it with a clean rag. Leave the mattress for half an hour after the application and then absorb the moisture with a dry towel.

Sometimes, it is just impossible to get rid of the repugnant smells at home or you might not want to carry out the household tricks to clean your mattress. This is where NYC steam cleaning comes in. The professional steam cleaning services will disinfect your mattress and you will be perfectly satisfied by the topnotch services. Call at 1-888-245-1199 for a free estimate.

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