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Professional Gym And Health Club Cleaning Services

Running a local gym, health club or fitness center means dealing with a great number of specific challenges and obstacles. From high competition rates to the constant need to create appealing programs and special deals to attract more members, space logistics and investment plans, there is no rest for the management position. One particular aspect that might often times end up going under the radar or considered less important is related to hiring professional cleaners. While there are no regulations that force gyms to hire cleaners or respect certain cleaning standards, there are instances when city or county inspectors can pay gyms a visit. For example, in case a dissatisfied member has decided to file a compliant against them because of poor cleanliness. Also, in case a certain disease can be tracked to the facility, management can expect a visit as well.

If you have been neglecting your locker room, pool or recreational area or you feel like your gym equipment could use for attention, our services are just what you need.

Professional Gym Cleaning Services

A clean, tidy, completely sanitized gym that looks and smells fresh will always help your business grow, as opposed to a poorly maintained one. A thoroughly cleaned space with zero germs and viruses will keep your employees healthy in the long run, which means you will handle smaller expenses with sick leaves and hiring and training new staff. You will also avoid any potential lawsuits on behalf of gym members who may catch any diseases from using your restrooms, showers or gym gear.

Professional cleaners can ensure the highest standards of cleanliness for every aspect and area of your fitness center or health club. We can help you follow the recommendations issued by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association. According to these recommendations, all gyms should have their flooring vacuumed on a daily basis. Also, all flooring surfaces should be scrubbed and sanitized to ensure a safe workout environment.

At the moment, we offer the following gym and health club cleaning services:

  • gym inspection and assessment services
  • maintenance solutions
  • on-demand emergency cleaning services
  • full sanitation services for all gym gear
  • locker room, restroom, sauna and pool area cleaning services
  • expert soap residue cleaning
  • highly efficient bacteria and virus disinfecting services
  • Mattress steam cleaning

Safe Gym Disinfecting Services

The NYC Steam Carpet Cleaning team is ready to provide you with advanced disinfection services with the help of top-notch, safe cleaning products. We can get you rid of up to 99 percent of all viruses, germs and bacteria lying on all of the surfaces of your facility, we specialize in tile and grout, floor and carpeting cleaning and we rely on eco-friendly NYC steam cleaners and other non-toxic solutions. You can rest assured that none of your clients, visitors or staff members will suffer any health issues because of the products that we will use.

Our technicians do no only specialize in removing all bacteria, germs, dust mites, traces of mold and various pests that may be interfering with your regular activities inside your gym. They can also use advanced prevention solutions to keep these microorganisms from multiplying and causing problems again. We know how stubborn soap residue can be on all shower surfaces. We have just the right solution that can help us completely remove it from all surfaces and help you provide your members with spotless restrooms every day.

IICRC-Certified Technicians At Your Disposal

All of our cleaning technicians are fully trained, experienced and have received their IICRC certifications. This is proof of the high industry standards they use when completing every job, no matter how simple or complex. If you are looking for fully reliable, top-notch services, we are the company you need. Gyms need permanent maintenance and daily cleaning and our services can help you keep your own standards high and your clients happy.

Locker Room Sanitizing Services

Locker rooms are filled with germs and bacteria and our expert cleaners can help you get rid of any any mold or fungus though proper vacuuming, sweeping, wall disinfecting, wet and dry mopping, dusting and other similar services. Your gym members will have higher morale and get sick less often, so it’s a service worth considering and using as often as possible.

Affordable Gym Cleaning Services

We do not only strive to constantly offer the most efficient cleaning services for fitness centers, health clubs and gyms, but we also try do do it as time-efficient as possible. We charge some of the smallest prices in town and we offer free estimates that incur no obligation. Call our friendly customer support team and have an appointment scheduled with us. We will reach you, assess your space and recommend the most suitable customized cleaning plan that will work best for you.

Call today and schedule a meeting with our pros and let us make your gym or fitness look cleaner and fresher than ever!

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